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MataHari: Eye of the Day works with a select team of community members and professional consultants from a variety of fields who are uniquely equipped to assist community members negotiate a path through complex governmental systems and social networks. Our community members are immigrants and people of color from all over the world as well as persons from the US who are trafficked and exploited domestically. Our staff and consultants have origins in countries and cultures throughout Africa; Asia; Europe; South America; Latin America; and North America.

Monique Nguyen – Executive Director/Lead Organizer 
In addition to handling the everyday operations of MataHari the core of her work is also organizing for rights and dignity for domestic workers — one of the last few labor forces unprotected by US labor laws and largely the world. Monique is committed to expanding her reach in the community, growing as a leader, and working cross culturally to build a truly global social justice movement holding on to the belief that real social change begins with the transformation of individuals and committed to developing fellow women leaders. Her passion is rooted in her struggles as an immigrant/refugee and former undocumented student. In addition to her role at MataHari, others in the community know Monique for her involvement with Boston Progress Arts Collective and the Student Immigrant Movement. She is a daughter of Vietnam War refugees.
Juliana Morris – Community Health Fellow
bio photo 2013A great-grandaughter of Irish and Eastern European immigrants, Juliana grew up in the suburbs of New York City. She was inspired to join in the fight for immigrant rights after Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadoran immigrant living near her home town, was tragically murdered in a hate crime carried out by high schoolers around her same age. She moved to southern Mexico for a year to volunteered in migrant shelters and combat human rights abuses along the migrant trail. Back in the US, she worked as a medical interpreter and language access coordinator, advocating for increased access to interpreter services in the hospitals of Washington, DC. Since moving to Boston to begin medical school in 2010, she has been involved in local movements for the DREAM Act and hotel worker rights. As Community Health Organizer with MataHari, she combines her interests in health, social justice, and organizing to expose the impact of unfair domestic work conditions on health and well being of workers. 
Katie Selcraig – Communications & Events Coordinator

1240496_605630902821784_1642471825_nI grew up in Austin, Texas. I recently graduated from Tufts University where I had a political awakening about my whiteness and about systemic injustice. My major is American Studies with a concentration in Critical Race Theory and I’ll be finishing school at the end of this year. My passion lies at the intersection of radical anti-racist and feminist work. I want to destroy white feminism, build community, develop new paradigms of discourse and solidarity, and do the emotional work of reckoning with oppression. I believe in speaking truth — to power and to each other. I’m interested in paths to healing, creation as a way of resistance, art, and revolution. I’m still learning, exploring, and trying to figure out my way forward. I’m always happy to listen or to talk — just contact me!

Janet Valerio – Administrative Assistant

Janet_ValerioI recently earned my AS in Graphic Design and I’m currently pursuing a BS in Business Administration. In addition to designing, which is my real passion, I have a background in the fields of Office Management, Market Research, Video Post-Production and Sales/Marketing – When I’m not helping out the office, I’m designing, working on school projects or creating new dishes with my family (we love to cook!). I live in Central Florida with my fiancé and son.

Dafne Momongan – Domestic Worker/Caregiver Organizer
As a long term member of MataHari and survivor of domestic violence, racial discrimination, and labor exploitation, Dafne is passionate about ending oppression and is committed to social justice work. She is currently working on the Caring Across Generations campaign and creating a Caregiver Directory to help match caregivers with high quality jobs and care receivers with dedicated and talented Caregivers. Dafne is a native of the Philippines and is fluent in English, Tagalog, and Cebuano. In addition to organizing caregivers through MataHari, she works as a caregiver and teaches Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) courses at Laboure Center in South Boston. She is a mother of 3 boisterous teenagers.

Zarina Samai – Domestic Worker Organizer/Community Advocate

Nelsy Hoyos Rosas - Accounting Intern