20 Laugh-Out-Loud Costume Ideas

Are you seeking a costume that will outperform all others? An outfit that elicits a wave of laughter and commotion in its wake? You’ve arrived at the right location!

From humorous characters and things to plain absurd, check out the online toys store. And insulting fancy dress, we’ve compiled a list of 20 hilarious costume ideas. Dress up with your buddies or go solo to the party — humorous costumes are always welcome (unless you’re going to a wedding, of course)!

Chips & Fish Fingers

How can anyone not adore fish fingers and chips, a staple meal in the diets of children all around the country? The outfits are absolutely random and would be perfect for a pair or group of pals attending a festival.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America

He’s the free world’s orange leader, and he constantly seems to get himself into problems. With this original blue suit Donald Trump costume, complete with the trademark red baseball cap, impersonate the current US president and ‘Make America Great Again.’ Put on some orange make-up and a wig, and you’ll look almost identical to Donald Trump.

Dictator of North Korea

Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, is another world leader who needs no introduction. He’s known for making threats and causing havoc on the world stage, but he has a charming and amusing demeanor. With this Kim Jong Un costume, you can go full-on Korean dictator and accompany President Trump dressed as the greatest bros in town.

Riding on a roller coaster

This amusing Rollercoaster costume is completely odd and a costume that no one else will think of. Securing your seat and bracing yourself for a wild ride, moving your knees back and forth to give the sensation you’re on the park’s greatest attraction! It’s a ridiculous but entertaining costume idea for a group.

T-Rex inflatable

Make a deafening RAWRRR sound and scare the party! One of the funniest fancy dress ideas is giant inflatable dinosaur costumes. Waddle around with your T-rex arms and make a lot of people giggle.

The concept is popular for music festivals and evenings out, but it can also be used for stag parties, Halloween, and any other occasion where you need to let out your inner lion!

Willie should be set free.

This unusual pair of panties with a killer whale rising from the center is a touch rude, but it’s a super-easy costume that’s sure to get the laughs.

The size of an earthworm may seem more suitable, yet nothing compares to the power of the killer whale! A humorous bad-taste costume based on the Free Willy movie’s wordplay.

Boob the Giant

Is a friend of yours a huge t**? Make them feel like an idiot at the party or on a Stag-do by dressing them up in a huge boob costume. Big boobie costumes are available in a range of forms and styles to fit your buddy precisely. It also doesn’t have to be all about humiliation. Rep a large boob costume for a half marathon or to support a charity event.

A Huge Poo

When life throws you a curve ball, dress up as a gigantic poo and revel in it! Or, for a hen or stag party, dress up a pal as a giant poo to exact revenge or to make them stick out in a crowd. Poo costumes are filthy but rewarding, and they will draw a lot of attention and chuckles. They’re also simple to put on!


For groups, colorful crayons are the go-to hilarious costume ideas! They come in a variety of forms and sizes to suit both men and women. Blend in at a 90s disco and remember your youth of coloring with Crayola crayons, get your girlfriends together for a night out in comical yet sensual crayon attire, or go out on Halloween as a lone coloring utensil.


Bring a large roll of toilet paper to your ‘poo attire’ pal as a remedy to his or her problem! When you really want to push it to the limit and aren’t afraid of being embarrassed, a loo-roll costume is just as amusing as the poo, making it a great couple funny costume idea.

Pollard, Vicky

Vicky Pollard is one of the most renowned characters in the Little Britain TV show, which has now become legendary in the United Kingdom! Impersonate everyone’s favorite chav by saying “no but, okay but, no but” in your finest West-Country accent.

Thomas Daffyd

Daffyd Thomas, a colorful Welshman who claims to be the ‘only queer in the area,’ is another Little Britain character that makes you laugh. Will you be brave enough to wear one of his outrageously raunchy and filthy outfits? Dress up as Daffyd and enjoy the humor. It’s a fun couple’s costume to wear with Vicky Pollard.

Colonel KFC

A costume modeled on Colonel Sanders, the world-famous face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is sure to be a hit! Bring a bucket of KFC chicken or a group of buddies dressed up in chicken costumes to complete this famous old man’s finger-lickin’ appearance!

Jamaican Bobsleigh Team is a Jamaican bobsleigh team that competes

Cool Running was a popular 90s film that has become a Millennial childhood favorite, and now you can compete in the Winter Olympics (or an après ski party!) with your friends. Dress in a bobsleigh costume in black, green, and yellow, and make your own cardboard bobsleigh if you really want to go all out.

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