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WEN 3970T Band Saw Review

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If you’re a woodworking hobbyist, at some point you’ll certainly want to make curved cuttings in your projects. Some construction workers and carpenters might want to use a jigsaw, but as a workshop owner if you want to get smooth finish the best tool you’ll like to work with is the band saw. A good band saw has one single looping blade which is strung around the wheels of the machine. The blades are held tightly by guiding blocks on both sides of the blade.

There is no better tool that cut curves better than a band saw. Using a band saw is easy, you should place your workpiece on the table, you can then maneuver your workpiece using the table, you then rotate the material to so that you can cut through the curved lines. A band saw isn’t only limited to cutting curves it is also capable of making straight line cuts, it can serve a lot of purposes in the workshop.

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

If you want to rip some wood logs or cut round turning blanks you’ll definitely need a band saw. Band saws are designed to make your cutting tasks much easier than when using other cutting devices. Band saws are of two types; the 2 wheel type and the 3 wheel type, each of them has its own characteristics and specifications. There are some important things to look out for in any band saw before picking one in the shop.

There are dozens of products available and you might get confused when choosing the right band saw. Every manufacturer is claiming to have the best product, but you shouldn’t fall for their marketing hypes. Before buying any band saw you need check some info that comes with each device before you make a purchase. Let’s look at some of the things you need to check before buying any band saw.

The size

Size is very important because you might be the type that wants a compact tool that can be moved around easily or want to use it in tight spaces. You should, however, know that most of the smaller ones aren’t as powerful as the bigger ones.

Check Cutting depth

You should know the types of materials you want to cut and find a saw that is capable of cutting your materials. You’ll find most band saws with cutting range from 6”- 36”.


You should find a band saw that comes with lots of free accessories such as meter gauge and fence. Most manufacturers sold this separately, these accessories are helpful because they’ll help a lot when ripping or crosscutting your workpieces.

Dust port

You want to make sure that you’re working in a dust free environment and can also view clearly your cutting lines. A band saw that comes with dust port or dust blower can clear particles out of your cutting lines so that you can obtain accurate cuts.

Wheels and brushes

A band saw with wheels and brushes is more effective and efficient, can also save you a lot of time.

Additional Features

Find a band saw with sensitive brakes that can stop the machine when you pull the stop trigger and will also help you adjust blade tension.

WEN 3970T Band Saw Review

Have you ever cut 4-1/2 inch metal pipes? This WEN 3970T Band Saw is capable of cutting hard metals with ease. You can cut most metals like steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. It is capable of cutting pipes that are up to 4-1/22” in diameter, you can also deal with wider materials that are up to 4”x 6”. It comes with variable speed controls; it has 3-speed positions at 80-120-200 per minute. You can make the perfect cut by choosing the right speed that suits your material. The WEN 3970T Band Saw comes with a strong stand that will elevate the device and make it easier to move from one place to another with ease. You can make bevel cuts ranging from 0-degrees to 60-degrees.

You can cut 3-1/2” at 45-degrees and can deal with square materials that are up to 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. For those who’re not big fans of making horizontal cuts, the saw can be lifted in a vertical position. The WEN 3970T Band Saw is capable of operating under different speed, this means it is a well versatile tool and it’s one of the good selling points of the device. Most band saws come with only one speed making it difficult to cut some materials that require low speed, but with this tool, you can choose up to 3 different speeds.

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand


Features Of WEN 3970T Band Saw


The strength of the motor is good enough to be used in various applications in the workshop. The WEN 3970T Band Saw comes with a 4.6-amp motor that is powerful enough to cut through hard metals like steel, aluminum, and brass with much ease.

The Design

The WEN 3970T Band Saw has a conventional design; if you’re not comfortable with working in the horizontal mode you can turn the unit vertically within only a few seconds. This feature might not be worthy of mentioning to some but it’s a good feature that can be used by many people that hate to work in a horizontal position.

The device also comes with wheels in the purchase package; this gives users more portability when working with the machine. The wheels might not be perfect but they are very strong and durable. The stand is thin but it’s stable, some users questioned the quality of this stand but in all cases, it is a very good deal with.


As mentioned earlier the WEN 3970 Band Saw is strong enough to cut through different metals like steel, brass, copper and other. You should, however, make sure to adjust to the right speed for each material you’re working on. Speed adjusting is a good feature of this tool; with this, you can cut thick materials of different densities.

Why You Should Buy WEN 3970T Band Saw

The WEN 3970T Band Saw is a well versatile tool and a lot of people are satisfied with its versatility because of its ability to cut a wide range of materials with an ease that includes all the common metals we’re working with every day. It has an effective design that makes the device easier to set up and operate.

The wheels and stand it comes with offers more stability to the user, this isn’t something new but it makes the device more portable which most users love. You can move the tool around with ease, if you’re the type that moves to places then this tool isn’t difficult to move along with.

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand


The Pros Of Using WEN 3970T Band Saw

  • The saw automatically stops immediately after finishing your cut; this automatic off feature is really helpful because it prevents unexpected accidents.
  • The WEN 3970T Band Saw can be used either horizontally or vertically.
  • It comes with variable speed controls.
  • It has a good bevel range; you can make angle cuts from 0-degrees to 60-degrees.
  • It comes with a firm stand and wheels that gives more stability to the user.
  • There is a 2-year warranty

The Cons Of WEN 3970T Band Saw

  • The WEN 3970T Band Saw isn’t designed to deal with complex jobs; that is why it doesn’t have those extravagant features that come with other expensive devices. If you’re dealing with big projects this tool might not be your option, it’s mainly designed for beginners and DIYers’, generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect miraculous performance from this tool.
  • Adjusting the blades can be troublesome more especially if you’re new to using band saws. Even after reading the user manual it’s still going to be difficult for a newbie to get used to the blades. In order to know how to use the blades better, you should watch videos or call their support center.

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

Customer Reviews

The WEN 3970T Band Saw has received a lot of comments from users. Most DIYers are amazed at its features more especially when it comes to efficiency and simplicity, but most professionals are not impressed with its performance. The unit, of course, isn’t designed for professional use, it is ideal for beginners and DIYers that are not looking for something big. It is for anyone who is looking for simplicity and some quality features, and most important at an affordable rate. That’s exactly what the WEN 3970T Band Saw offers. Despite not recommended for professional use it can still handle a lot of projects whether at home or in the workshop.


For anyone who doesn’t want to spend much and has projects coming in their way, the WEN 3970T Band Saw is very affordable and has some great features that will take care of their needs. If you, however, need a band saw for professional use then you should go for bigger band saws with advanced features. Buying the WEN 3970T Band Saw isn’t a bad investment because it has good money to value ration. You just need to figure out your needs and then choose a better saw that can take care of all your cutting needs.


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