Front Door Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know?

Your front door is an important aspect of your home’s exterior, not just because it adds curb appeal but also because it keeps your property safe. If you’re replacing your front door or choosing a new entrance for a new home, it’s crucial to understand the common front entry door specifications, related phrases, and options available.

How to Select the Best Front Entry Door for Your Residence

Selecting the paint colors, building materials, and styles that best reflect your likes when building or remodeling a home helps to make your home a reflection of your own personality. Because your front door is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home, it should be treated with the same care and attention.

Choosing the right entry door for your home might be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, armed with the knowledge provided below, it may be a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Term Definitions for the Front Door

There are a few terms you’re likely to hear a lot when searching for a new front entry door. The first step in choosing a superb front Internal Glazed Doors is to understand these concepts.

Vertical molding that fills the space between closed double doors.

The molding that trims the outside edge of the door frame is known as brickmould.

Casing: Molding that covers the gap between the door jamb and the internal walls of the house.

Clad: An insulating layer applied to the outside of the door to protect it from the elements while also improving its appearance.

When the door swings into the interior of the house, it is called an inswing.

The upright component of the door frame is known as the jamb.

Left-Hand Door: When facing the exterior, a door’s hinges are on the left side.

A lite is a pane of glass with a frame that is installed within a door.

When the door swings to the outside of the house, it is said to be outswinging.

Right-Hand Door: When facing the exterior, a door’s hinges are on the right side.

Types of Front Door Installation: An Overview

The type of door you need to buy, as well as the amount of labor required to install it, is determined by the installation style.

Front Doors That Have Been Prehung

The hinges and frame are already fastened to prehung front doors. They also have pre-drilled holes for the doorknob and the strike plate, which is the metal plate into which the door bolt is inserted when the door is locked. Prehung front doors are practical and ensure that the frame and door are properly aligned for the greatest results.

Slab Doors for the Front Entry

Slab doors are ones that don’t have a built-in frame or hinges. To attach a slab door to an existing frame and hinges, you must first remove the door from its frame. Slab doors are frequently stained or painted, and the knob and deadbolt holes are usually pre-cut. A slab door is normally less expensive than a prehung front door, but you’ll need to make sure it fits your current frame properly.

What is the Best Front Door Material for Your House?

When deciding which front door material is best for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some materials are stronger at withstanding extreme weather conditions like snow, wind, rain, and extreme heat than others, while others have a better aesthetic for your home. When choosing a front door material, you should also consider general maintenance and upkeep, longevity, and the total cost of that material.

Front Doors Made of Wood

Wooden front doors can lend vintage appeal to the exterior of your home, but they do have certain drawbacks. Wood, in particular, has a proclivity for absorbing moisture, which can result in warping, swelling, or even rotting. To avoid this, wooden doors must be sealed as soon as they are installed, and they must be resealed on a regular basis. Wooden doors sag over time and need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep them in good working order. For the best results, Fiberglass or Steel entry doors are recommended.

Entry Doors Made of Fiberglass

When you want a door that requires little to no maintenance, fiberglass is the ideal option. Fiberglass is resistant to scratches and dents, and it isn’t affected by adverse weather. They’re regarded as the most energy-efficient door.

Entry Doors Made of Steel

When it comes to door materials, steel entry doors are usually the most cost-effective option. Steel is more durable than wood or fiberglass and offers more security. Steel doors are quite energy efficient, and they do a fantastic job of keeping warm air inside during the colder months.

Dimensions of Exterior Doors

Knowing the dimensions of your doorway is essential when looking for the perfect front entry door for your home. Make careful you stand in front of the door with the door open away from you when taking measurements. Make the following calculations:

Width: Measure the width of your door’s entrance from top to bottom, middle to bottom, and then use the widest measurement to determine the width of your door.

Measure from the bottom to the top of the rough opening — the recessed area of the frame where the door sits when closed — the height of the inside of the door frame. Repeat the process on the other side of the door, then use the highest number to calculate the height of your door.

Depth: Take measurements for the thickness of the door and the breadth of the rough aperture in your door frame. These figures should be similar, but when recording your measurements, make sure to pick the highest one.

Sizes of Standard Front Doors

The usual entry door size in the United States is 80′′ x 36′′, although in certain homes, doors can be as tall as 109′′ and as broad as 42′′ in homes with modern or luxury designs, or 96′′ in newer homes. Double doors with a width of 30′′ or 32′′ are sometimes narrower. Single front entry doors in the United States must be at least 32 feet wide and 78 feet tall, according to building requirements. 1 3/4′′ is the usual depth or thickness.

Features and Options for Entry Doors

While the door itself is an important component of your home, the pieces that come together to form the design of your door are what give it curb appeal. Consider some of the features and options listed below when selecting a new front entry door.

Front Doors with Two Openings

Double front doors are a terrific way to make a grand entry for your home if you have the space for them. Wide foyers and huge front patios look wonderful with them. Double front doors are not only attractive, but they also make it easier to move heavy goods in and out of your home.

A pair of French doors

French doors are double doors with huge windows that run the length of both doors from top to bottom. These doors let in lots of natural light while also bringing timeless beauty to your home’s interior and outside. French doors can be entirely customized to match your home’s design.

For an entry door, there are a variety of glass options.

Adding glass to your front entry door adds beauty while also allowing natural light to pour into your home. For your front door at Thompson Creek, you have a selection of window sizes, shapes, and styles to pick from.

Storm Doors on the Front Door

A storm door is an excellent method to let natural light into your home on warm days while also protecting your front entrance from the elements during inclement weather. With a variety of frame colors, decorative glass choices, and bespoke hardware, Thompson Creek can tailor storm doors to your preferences.

Colors and Finishes for Front Doors

One of the most essential selections you’ll make during the design process is the color or stain for your front door. To compliment the exterior of your home, we can help you choose from a variety of neutral and classic colors or wood treatments.

Hardware for the Front Door

When it comes to the hardware on your door, you have various options. A one-piece door handle and bolt lends estate-style beauty to your door, while a bolt and lever handle adds modern style. If you don’t want to carry keys, an electronic keyless entry system is a good solution.

When Should You Buy a Custom Front Door?

A custom front door is usually the best option if your property has a non-standard front door size. Our team at Thompson Creek can create bespoke doors to accommodate most entryways. Custom doors provide you additional design freedom in addition to being the perfect fit. You can choose every unique aspect of your door, including glass, hardware, and security features, with a custom door.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Front Entry Door

When you deal with Thompson Creek, choosing and purchasing a new front door is simple. Our staff can assist you in choosing from a variety of prehung doors. We’ll also work with you to choose the right hardware and colors for your home. Contact us to learn more about our front entry door choices and custom design services, and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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