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Giving the Patio Container Garden a Makeover

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The patio container garden is a premier source of organically grown vegetables when gardening space is limited. Doubling also as butterfly gardens and inner city oases, container gardens are hobbies for any budget and purpose. The ease with which the hobbyist can give the patio a makeover is another reason why container gardening is so popular. Changing the look and feel of the patio space turns a spa-like oasis into a xeriscape that favors local flora. Updates in color and shape also help to adapt a patio garden to a home’s exterior makeover.

Fiber clay Chelsea Planter Boxes for a Distinguished Look

Available in small — 17.5″ by 17.5″ — or larger 21.5″ by 21.5″ squares, Napa’s faux lead planter boxes are fit for patio gardens that strive for a natural look. Crushed terra cotta is mixed in with resin to create a durable material that undergoes a natural aging process.

Oval Fiberclay Eclipse Planters for Smaller Patios

Available in sets of three oval planters, the large, medium sized and small fiber clay planters accommodate various plant sizes. Adding texture and height to a small patio is very easy with these low-maintenance planters. Rounded lines soften the impact of the black coloring.

Square Paris Planters Complement a Large House

The 20″ by 20″ galvanized steel planters come in startling white or black colors. This color palette demands a larger house as a backdrop. Coated with rust-resistant paint, the square garden planters remain free of rust for years. The use of brightly colored plants offsets the stark coloring.

Oxford Garden English Planters Reminds of an Old-English Feel

Shrubs and flowers display well in the square planters that measure 15″ by 15″ with a depth of 15″ as well. Made of Shorea wood, the patio gardener should undertake annual maintenance to keep the material looking great. For an authentic British feel, these planters display well with purple flowers.

Cambridge Raised Planter Boxes Allow for Patio Storage

If storage space is at a premium, these white vinyl planter boxes provide strong shelving for equipment storage. Virtually maintenance-free, the planter box is excellent for flowers, vegetables, and cacti. For the hobbyist with shade-loving plants, the bottom shelf functions as additional planter space.

6-Light LED Solar Garden Planter Creates Ambient Patio Lighting

Made of durable resin, these round planters come in a wide variety of colors. Outfitted with six LED bulbs, the planter lights automatically turn on at dusk. At a height of 20″, these patio planters are excellent for small shrubs. Paired with a patio water feature, the effect is astonishing.

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