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How to Make Garden Roses Stay Fresh Even in the Summer

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Proven Tips and Techniques

Okay, so you love your garden and you think that your garden roses are the real jewel of your garden. And if you are looking forward to some good and proven tips and techniques to help make your garden roses stay fresh even in strong summer. As you may agree that during summer, plants face a tough circumstance. Let’s get started with the actual techniques that are highly recommended and are already field tested:

Tip no 1-Use the correct Fertilizer!

Using the correct chemical and fertilizers is the key to have a great garden, this is also applicable to have the best garden roses. On the other hand, using the wrong chemical or fertilizer can completely wreck off your garden. However, just having the right chemicals is not enough at all; correct timing is the next important thing. Fertilize at the right time to make sure that you plant blossom at the right time and not too late or not too early as these can be then killed by early frost or other similar weather challenges.

Tip no 2 – Trimming the right time, in the right way!

Trim/Prune your rose plants a little early in the season, this will allow for more blooms throughout the summer duration. The thumb rule about trimming is that prune out the heads of old flowers and leave about five to six leaves while doing this. Pruning the right way, at the right time will ensure that the bush will grow quickly over the summer months.

Tip no 3 – The importance of correct watering!

In the intolerable heat of summer, the only thing that soothes your lovely rose plants is water! So make sure that there is more than enough supply of water at all times. The Thumb rule in watering is to water your garden a little heavy in the morning period and doing a little mist during the evening time. Remember never to water during the water, as during the day time the water droplets can concentrate the sunlight, as they can act like a pair of lenses and concentrating the sun rays on the leaves and hence burning them.

Tip no 4: Right kind of soil with the right amount is vital!

After ensuring the correct supply of water, the next step is to ensure the right amount of soil and also having the right kind of soil. Having the right type of soil ensures that the water would reach deep into the roots of the bushes and will also bring the roots down. This is one of the reasons why heavy watering is desirable, as it will help develop a deep root system and it will be easier for the plant to absorb water even when the top layer of the soil can be completely dry. So, these were some of the tips to help you maintain the beauty of your garden roses.

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