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Make Organic Gardening Simple

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There are many individuals who really do long to have a thriving garden, yet still, the “green thumb” results elude them. It is possible to have a lush, fresh, and vibrant garden with a few simple guidelines. The following are some ways often used in organic gardening to make home gardening simple:

Use Rotation of Crops

Rotation of crops is a powerful organic gardening rule that allows for maximum garden productivity. It is based upon the notion that each different type of crop makes certain demands upon the soil. By moving the crops around periodically, the soil does not get depleted of all nutrients. Draw up a simple crop rotation chart and follow it by season.

Cultivate an Herb Garden

One of the easiest crops to grow that can be truly useful in a variety of fashions is herbs. It is well worth it to plant herbs, as they have so many uses. Herbs can be used in organic gardening to season food as well as for medicinal and a variety of other purposes. Herbs often have a very pleasing fragrance and grow quickly and well in any home gardening effort. For those who don’t know what to do, start with herbs as they allow for a great deal of satisfaction.

Have Perseverance

When it comes to home gardening, it is advisable to have a great deal of perseverance. In other words, always be planting. Year-round planting is a good idea, as many organic gardening plants do not survive despite the care given them. Therefore, in order to have a good-sized garden, it will likely be necessary to overplant or at least to do continuous planting.

Attract Butterflies

Butterflies are a charming addition to a garden and they are fun to watch. In order to attract butterflies, make sure that certain conditions exist in the garden. For one thing, plant lilacs, daisies, and violets. Also, make sure that there is a water source in the garden, as butterflies like that. It is very relaxing to sit and watch the butterflies among the violets in a backyard garden.

These are some ways to get simple pleasure from a backyard garden. Use an organic gardening-wise crop rotation strategy. Cultivate herbs, as they are very useful. Adopt an attitude of perseverance when it comes to gardening and plant very often. Finally, for a pleasant diversion plant to attract butterflies. These are the things that make home gardening fun and worth the effort.

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