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Guide About The Best Website Designs From eCommerce

There are many online shops to choose from, so users can refine their shopping preferences and focus on those that offer the best overall experience.

Online retailers must focus on all aspects of the user experience from the user journey to the interface in order to remain competitive.

eCommerce website design is what can make or break an online store. We have compiled a list with the top-designed online stores to help guide you in optimizing yours.

This article will help you:

  • Find out why eCommerce businesses need web design
  • Check out these top eCommerce designs for 2020
  • Find out what makes them so special
  • Take a look at the top eCommerce design trends for this year
  • Why web design matters for eCommerce businesses

A study has shown that 90% of visitors will abandon sites they find poorly designed.

Websites that are not user-friendly aren’t trusted by people.

Poorly designed eCommerce sites are more likely to have high bounce rates, rank lower on search engines, and have lower conversions.

Businesses that sell online need to invest in compelling designs. It could be the key to increasing sales.

The 10 Best eCommerce Websites of 2020 (So Far).

These online retailers’ platforms make it easy for users to convert and keep them engaged every step of their journey.

They are user-centered and both informative and persuasive.

They are easy to use and have a great user experience.

These are the top Singapore e-commerce web designers this year that will surely grab your attention.

1. Bliss

Bliss sells skincare products. Their website was designed to provide both an in-spa experience and an energizing feeling for their customers.

It’s fresh, inviting, and engaging. This demonstrates a clear understanding about who their customer really is.

Visitors will be enticed to explore and interact with the products and CTAs by color-changing CTAs.

These motion effects are fun and not overwhelming. They make users stay longer and click through, which is a hugely important metric for SEO.

Bold typography is used to highlight new products, top sellers, and collections. It makes them difficult to miss.

You can view and sort products in many ways. The quick preview of product details makes it easy to make a purchase.

The website’s large photos and overall layout promise visitors that inner happiness will lead to outer beauty.

2. Mulberry

Mulberry has created an online store that is simple and elegant.

Luxury fashion brand relies on large, vibrant photos to communicate its message, while keeping the copy simple.

The zooming technique they used to create high-quality images is what makes this design so inspiring. This draws the user’s attention to their products.

It attracts visitors’ attention and also lures them to click.

Users can hover over the images to see the model swapping them, which allows them to imagine the product in their lives.

The quick add-to-bag, add to wishlist, and send hint options encourage customers to return to the store, engage, and ultimately convert.

3. Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate has one of the best eCommerce websites on the internet!

Visitors will instantly fall in love with the site as soon as they visit it.

They are all beautifully presented, with each product being labelled under the other. As users scroll down, they will see the background of the ingredients change and a new bar will appear.

Visitors will be more engaged with simple, but compelling themes based on chocolate the more they explore.

This eCommerce website design is user-friendly because it has an easy add to box button. It allows users to quickly add as many chocolates to their bag and make a purchase later.

4. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is a great example of the best eCommerce website designs. The site’s design is unique because it uses a variety of colors and professional product photography.

The user is kept focused by the attractive logo and simple navigation menu. This gives them enough options but not overwhelming.

Customers are more engaged when they have a smooth experience and can be reached quickly.

This eCommerce website design is user-friendly and features a Shop page with easy checkout. It contributes to improved site performance and user satisfaction.

5. Myro

Myro makes natural refillable deodorants.

Their eCommerce website design is unique because they use interactive gifs for displaying their products.

This media format allows the brand showcase their uniqueness and versatility, something that other online retailers can also learn from.

Bold typography is used by the brand to communicate key messages and highlight the benefits of these products.

Just a few clicks away, visitors can choose their plan and quickly make a purchase.

A review page is also available on the website, which allows customers to leave feedback about products. This increases brand credibility.

6. Buffy

Buffy is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to make people happy.

They claim they are the most comfortable and softest comforter available. Their imagery supports this claim.

They are image-driven and have kept their copy simple.

The images of actual customers who are comfortable in their comforters, sheets, and pillows along with five-star reviews help users to visualize Buffy’s products in their own space.

The brand launched a campaign called “Try Buffy for Free” to encourage more engagement and conversions. It used a static menu strip as well as a pop-up that was timed.

7. Only / Once

Only/Once Sells Vintage Artifacts.

This site is an excellent example of minimalism, simplicity and elegance.

Users will see that there is a moderate amount of negative space, which allows them to focus on the symmetrically placed items.

The navigation menu is located in the upper left corner. There are motion effects that change the color of the images to highlight price and product names.

To encourage users to sign up and build a readership, the brand placed a CTA button between photographs.

8. Fitzy

Fitzy showcases handmade products through beautiful photography.

Website has adopted minimalism and relies on minimal copy and negative space to highlight their offerings.

This site is unique because of its workshop page.

These products can be purchased by consumers, but they also allow them to attend workshops and learn how they are made.

This is a fantastic move that completes their brand story and reinforces their promise to customers that Fitzy will only offer unique, handmade products.

9. Dimension Volumes

Dimension volumes show us that we don’t have to use bold typography.

The website uses typography as both a design element and as a message element.

They offer a range of grey products, and users can choose from a variety of colors to make them black, white or green. This creates a playful effect.

Dimension Volumes offers visitors an easy checkout process which reduces abandonment of shopping carts and leads to more complete purchases.

10. Bacca

Bacca sells handmade wooden laptop stands.

The site is all about color.

Plain backgrounds allow the brand’s high-quality product images stand out.

Visitors hover over the images to see a subtle animation. This creates an entertaining effect.

The layout is simple and allows visitors to find what they need easily.

It is very easy to use the checkout process, making it user-friendly.

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5 eCommerce Website Design Styles That Will Rule This Year

These are the top five eCommerce web design trends you need to be aware of in 2020.

  • Motion in product photos: Interactive design can grab visitors’ attention and highlight the benefits of products. These make websites more appealing, make it easier to describe specific product functions and give visitors a better understanding of what they are purchasing.
  • Original photography A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why professional images are used by brands to showcase their products and help them sell them.
  • Vivid colors – This year’s most impressive eCommerce website designs are based on vibrant and bright colors. They stand out from the rest and reinforce their brand identity. Users are attracted to new colors and find it easier to see.
  • Simple elements: This minimalist design has the greatest advantage. It is simple and clean. Website users can focus on the sales messages rather than the products. Websites are often simpler to navigate, have less text, and have a neat layout. This improves usability.
  • Bold typography Big fonts are a key component of eCommerce website design. They grab the attention of users and speak louder than images or videos.
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