How To Play Raid: Shadow Legends Game?

Raid Shadow Legends, a turn-based RPG, is an epic adventure that takes you on a journey through the mysterious world of Teleria. Your team of champions that you have summoned from the plain will help you defeat monsters and beasts. We have prepared a Raid Shadow Legends Guide for you to look through before you venture into the vast world of Teleria.

Important Gameplay Structures

After the dramatic introduction, you’ll be taken into the game’s overworld. This Dragon’s Liar will be your main hub for everything and anything you do in Raid Shadow Legends. Let’s look at some of the structures that you can interact with at this main hub and their functions:

Once you have reached the main hub, you will find a variety of buildings you can interact with. Each building serves a purpose in helping you save Teleria. Below is a list of all the structures found in the hub.


The Portal is where you can summon new heroes to fight for your team. You can also combine heroes from your collection to create rarer and more powerful ones.


After you have purchased the Bastion, you can find additional gems in this area. It is expensive to unlock, but it is a worthwhile investment as it will be your constant source for gems in the late-game. You can upgrade this structure if you have the funds. You will be rewarded with more gems that you can use for more champions, armor, or other items.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is a great place to work with specific champions. You can combine and match different champion affinities, as well as improving their respective Defense, Health, and Offensive stats. This allows you to quickly get loot and breeze through dungeons. However, to upgrade your champions, you must earn Arena Medals. Arena Medals can be earned by participating in PVP battles.


After you have accumulated a lot of gold and silver, you can use these to purchase items in the Market. You’ll want to act quickly to grab the best deals as the items are constantly changing. The Market can be upgraded in the same way as the Mine by investing in silver and gems. This will enable your Market to hold rarer items you can purchase!

Spare Pit

The Sparring Pit is a great place to level up your champions if you are short on energy. The Sparring Pit allows you to send champions into the pit, while you focus on other aspects of your raiding group. This is especially helpful if you have a new champion to level up and don’t want to go through Raids. This structure also prevents unnecessary deaths in high-level Dungeons.


The Tavern is another location where you can give your champions extra XP besides the battlefield. Upgrades can be used to level them up, which will increase their overall stats. This applies to their Skills and Ranks. You will need to sacrifice another champion with the same rank as the one you are upgrading in order to upgrade a champion’s rank. You will need to have Skill Tomes with the same rarity or a duplicate champion to upgrade a Skill.

Your champions can also Ascend in Tavern. You will need to gather the Potions and other materials specific to each champion to do this. Once you have the items, you are ready to move on with the Ascension. This process will greatly increase the stats of heroes and give them new abilities.

Once you are familiar with all the structures, it will be easy to navigate through them each time you return to the main hub.

Compelling Game Modes

We’re done with the structure of the game and now we can move on to the Game Modes. These modes let you play and accumulate Silver, Gems and loots that will help your champions become stronger. These are the game modes you can choose from:

Story Campaign

Campaign is where you can explore the entire story of Raid Shadow Legends. To defeat the Shadow and free Teleria from its clutches, you will need to complete challenging quests.


You will face a number of enemies when you enter Dungeons. They can be defeated to allow you to advance further into the dungeon and face the Boss. These are more difficult than the Campaign enemies, but you’ll get rare loot if they are defeated.

Faction Wars

Faction Wars lets you pick a faction’s Crypt to do a mini-dungeon race. Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses. There are thirteen different factions. Your chances of success will be higher if your team is properly geared up and updated.

The PVP Arena

This is the PVP zone. This is where you will put your team to the test against other players and see who has a better line-up. You will be rewarded with loot which you can use to improve the team if you win!

Clan Boss

The Clan Boss mode pits you against powerful Dungeon Boss. Once you defeat them, they will drop powerful loot. You will need to join a Clan and obtain a Clan Key in order to fight them. You can level up your champions and equip them with the best gear to reap amazing rewards.

Collect as many In-Game Currencies as you can

As we mentioned earlier, the game has tons of in-game currencies. These currency can be obtained when you finish a level in Campaign or defeat a boss at the Dungeon. These in-game currencies include Potions, Silver and Gems. You can use them to buy items or level up your characters.

You can use silver and gems to buy items and upgrade structures in your main hub. This is crucial as it will allow you to access more powerful equipment and items for your champions by leveling up structures. To level up your champions at the Tavern, you will need to use Potions. Potions can be difficult to find so ensure you have the right champion at your party!

The Summoner’s Champions List

Let’s now go over the basics. These heroes form the core of your team. These heroes are your soldiers you will command when you traverse a dungeon or campaign. 13 Factions are the home of powerful champions. Here’s a breakdown of the thirteen Factions and their legendary heroes.

Starter Champions

Start the game by selecting one champion from your starting Faction. The Sacred Order is Dark Elves and High Elves. Orcs are also available. The starter champions, true to their name, are there to help you get started with forming your team. They have both the Attack Role and an Affinity to Magic.

Banner Lords

Banner Lords are the standard heavily armored Knights of the game. They are usually well-equipped and have good Attack stats, as well as high Defense and HP. They are great tanks as they can absorb physical damage and wreak havoc on your opponents. There are eight Legendary Bannerlords, which are evenly distributed across HP, Attack and Support.

High Elves

High Elves have well-balanced overall stats. Their Roles can make them both effective front-liners and strong ranged soldiers. A High Elf is a champion who can be trusted to fight for their cause. There are also nine Legendary High Elfs in the game. They focus more on Support and Attack.

The Sacred Order

Telerians once had the task of cleansing Teleria from all evil. The Sacred Order was a group made up of Telerian human beings. The declaration of war led to the Sacred Order swearing allegiance alongside the Necromancer to the Queen. They are now the steadfast protectors of Queen Chattel. The Sacred Order champions are strong in Attack stats but have average HP. Six Legendary champions orbit around the Attack Role.


Telerians also have Barbarians, who are skilled in both Defense and Attack roles. They can be added to any team that is purely defensive or offensive. Barbarians have six Legendary Champions similar to The Sacred Order. Their Roles revolve around Defense and Attack.

Ogryn Tribes

Ogryn Tribes are known for their brute force tactics, and their champions prove it. They are strong and powerful, with high Attack and HP stats. They are slow, however, and must speed up their attacks. They are home to five Legendary champions and a majority of them have the Attack Role.


The Lizardmen are an ancient, prehistoric species that have lived in Teleria for more than a millennium. The Lizardmen lived in the swamplands and marshes even after the advent of humans and other advanced race. They ventured into the city sewers. They are as dangerously cunning as they can be. Lizardmen have three Legendary Heroes, two hovering over the Attack Roles and one above the Defense Roles.


Also known as Skinwalkers, these skinwalkers could once transform at will between animal and man. Overuse of their ability over the centuries has made them stuck between these two forms. Skinwalkers can be both offensive and defensive, depending on the beast form they are in. The Defense Role is occupied by four Legendary Champions, which Skinwalkers call Legendary Champions. Your defense stats will be boosted by having one of these champions as a member of your team.


Orcs are proud warrior races that love combat. Their champions have high HP, Attack, Support, and often, eliminate defensive stats. They are excellent offensive weapons for any team, as they can deal consistent damage. Orcs have three legendary champions, which are classified in Support, Attack, and HP roles.


Demonspawn is a race of people that were born in a world that is darkened and suffused with fire and darkness. Demonspawn can manipulate chaotic and void energies to enhance their fighting prowess. A Demonspawn champion is an excellent addition to any team. There are currently four Legendary Champions in Demonspawn, spread across various Roles. You can compare their affinities to determine which Legendary Demonspawn champion is right for your team.

Undead Hordes

The corruption spreading through Teleria awakened evil entities. The Undead Hordes are known for their malefic and corrupting magic in order to overwhelm their targets. Some were once proud Telerians, but they couldn’t resist the corruption and were resurrected as vile versions their former selves. Five Legendary Undead Heroes are currently in the game. They primarily focus their attention on Attack as their Role. Only two Undead Heroes are equipped with Support Roles.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves are elves who were exiled from Aravia. They now call the forest outskirts Teleria home. They have been perfecting their offensive skills and have given up their nobility to survive. They have a deep-seated hatred for those who cast them aside. Their legendary heroes are primarily in the Attack role, and they are extremely effective at killing their enemies with precision.

Knight Revenant

Knight Revenants also revel in death. Their cult views themselves as vessels for their long-dead leaders and would raid and pillage many villages. Their sacrifices are made of dead bodies. Knight Revenants are a group of three Legendary Champions, which is classified in the Defense, Support, and Attack Roles. They are strong front-liners who can handle any damage their team may inflicts on them.

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