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Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw Review

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When it comes to brushless motor technology Makita is definitely the best manufacturer. The Makita XVJ02Z Jig saw is a cordless saw that has 18 V lithium-ion batteries which are sold separately together with the charger.

This cordless saw is designed to offer the same power and efficiency as a corded jigsaw. Without the need of any cord, this jigsaw is the perfect tool for cabinetry makers, woodworkers, construction workers or anyone who is looking for the first-class jigsaw. Makita produced the world largest tool that’s powered by 18 V lithium-ion batteries.

The power of the machine comes from the brushless motor that is installed in it. It also has the soft-no-load feature to reduce the speed of the motor when idling. The soft-start-motor and the blower help clear dust out of the way.

The Twin LED light will illuminate the material you’re working on so that you can see clearly your cutting lines even if in a dark environment.

Makita makes the best power tools with powerful features and this Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw doesn’t lack much from its features.

Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Jig Saw, Bare-Tool

Some people might not like the features in this jigsaw, but they’re new improvements added to the tool so that you get the best possible results. Most people when they found a new feature in any tool that they’re not used to, they view that as a downside to the tool. Most of the new features added to any tool aren’t flaws, they’re advancements to improve your work efficiency.

Within its category, the Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw lithium battery charges faster than any other battery. With this tool, you’ll spend more time on your tasks and less time recharging the batteries. The tool comes with Star- Protection-Controls, this is a technology that allows the battery to exchange data and monitor the performance of the batteries in order to protect it from overloading, overheating and discharging. To increase more versatility the Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw can be used by any 18 V lithium-ion battery that has the star system which shows Start protection.

The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw has a brushless motor and 3 orbital settings that will help you cut materials faster and give you more accurate cuts with different materials. The adjustable speed control has a speed of 800-3500-strokes per minute. The brushless motor is designed to utilize the battery energy and give the best performance when working on your projects just like any other corded saw.

The electronic controls can adjust to each projects’ energy demands to help you save more energy. Due to the absence of carbon brushes, the brushless motor that comes with the device runs cooler and provides more efficiency for long life.

The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw also comes with tool-less blade mechanism that will allow you to install and remove new blades with ease, there are 2 large adjustable speed trigger and lock on button. The base is made from aluminum to give a smooth and accurate cut, and also offers more durability. The LED light present helps illuminate the working areas. The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw weighs only 5.8-lbs, and the batteries are sold separately. This means if you don’t like to go cordless you can leave the tool in its corded mode.

Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Jig Saw, Bare-Tool

At the top of the tool, you’ll find the lock-switch, this is however not the same as the lock-on-switch that controls the trigger. Most people get confused with the new “lock switch”. When the tool is asleep and most of the time it is, if you’re not working with it, pressing the on/off trigger will not activate the motor. You must press the “lock-switch” button to active the jigsaw into standby mode when you press the lock-switch, the LED light will show a sign that the tool is ready.

The tool will remain on standby mode for only 10 s and you can use the tool in the normal ways within this time frame. But 10 s of no activity, the jigsaw goes back to sleeping mode. The lock-switch is a safety feature to avoid switching ON the tool by mistake, this helps avoid unwanted injury or damaging the material you’re working on. The lock-switch is a good idea, it’s just that it adds to another extra step before using the jigsaw and to some people, this could be annoying some times, but when you get used to it, you will love it.

The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw provides faster and cutting experience than most jigsaws, this is due to its powerful motor and straight cutter. The tool has a slow start option which we mentioned earlier on. When working on hard materials you should wait for the device to heat on, this will make the device to even cut faster. At an inch the stroke length will be the same, the cut speed, however, goes up to 900 strokes per minute and then up to 3500 rpm. It’s capable of cutting materials faster at a uniform speed.

The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw comes with a dust blower that keeps you cut lines clean and clear; dust extraction bag isn’t included in the purchase package. The dust blower can clear your cut line, but it will still contaminate your working space with dust particles. If you want to work in a clean environment you have to add a dust extraction bag and a vacuum. Another fascinating feature of the device is the dual LED lights it comes with, most Makita power tools come with these features. It’s a good feature that cast light on the working material so that you can see cut lines clearly even in a dim environment.

Features Of Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw

  • It comes with brushless motor and three orbital settings. This helps the user get more accurate cutting and finish the job faster no matter the thickness of the material.
  • It has with adjustable speed dial controls that allow the user to set different speed ranging from 800 rpm-3500 rpm. This feature is good because different materials require different speed.
  • The brushless motor is electronically controlled to minimize energy use for up fifty percent so that the batteries can last long from a single charge.
  • The Brushless motor doesn’t have carbon brushes; the motor will be cooler and more efficient.
  • The tool-less blade feature allows the user to remove blades or install new ones with ease. This will increase productivity.
  • It has large control trigger which is easier to use and offers comfort.
  • The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw has a heavy-gauge-aluminum base; this provides more accurate and smooth cuts and more durability.
  • 2 powerful LED lights to illuminate the environment you’re working.
  • It’s a very lightweight tool that weighs only 5.8 lbs. This offers more comfort when operating the device and help reduce fatigue.
  • It has a good ergonomic design, it’s one of the best compact saws to buy, and it’s only 10-1/2-inches long.
  • The handle has a soft grip made from quality rubber, this also gives more comfort to the user.
  • The dust blower clear particles out of your cut line to give you more visibility.
  • The protection controls in the battery prevent overheating and overloading.


There is a quote “too much of everything is bad”, the Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw comes with too much safety. The  Lock-switch feature it somewhat troublesome to most people, lock-switch serves as an automatic lock to prevent the saw from the unwanted start, even after pressing the ON/Off trigger it won’t start until you press the lock-switch button.

This is not liked by most people because you have to constantly press the lock-switch each time you want to use the device, but whatever it is, this is a good safety feature for those who can tolerate.

The Pros

  • Very lightweight and handy tool.
  • Long lasting batteries and very durable.
  • The performance of the tool is amazing.
  • Uses less energy and that’s why the batteries last longer


  • The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw has a slow startup.
  • The tool goes to sleep mode after every 10 seconds.


The performance of Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw is really excellent and there are no complaints when it comes to that, but it still has some issues based on customer ratings and review. The tool earned a star rating of 3.4 out of 5, this shows that the tool isn’t bad at all.

Every tool comes with its own drawbacks and drawbacks are based on customer opinions, a drawback from one customer might an added advantage to another user. Most of the features that are included in any device are to increase performance and efficiency.

The Makita XVJ02Z Jig Saw is a good tool that can take care of most cutting jobs in the workshop or at any construction site, if you don’t have any problem with the auto lock feature that comes with this device, you should definitely try the tool.

The auto lock features are hated by most people without understanding its purpose, a lot of people have injured them with power tools because of unwanted startup, and so this feature is meant to provide extra safety for users. But what the company should have done is to allow users to switch ON/OFF the auto lock feature.

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