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Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw Review

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The jigsaw is perfect for cutting curves, cutting of stencils and holes. No other cutting saw does this other than the jigsaw, this jigsaw will add to the unique collection of your toolbox.

Jigsaws are not only useful in the workshop alone; any handyman can use the tool at home for different house projects that require cutting. Most house owners are dealing with minor fixes that can be dealt with using a jigsaw.

With the right blades, you can deal with tough projects at construction sites or any other job site.

We’re going to talk about some of the uses of jigsaws in general and then go into the Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw review to show you its powerful features and why every DIYer or professional worker should add this tool in the workshop.

Milwaukee 6268-21 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw

Uses Of Jigsaws


If you’re preparing to install a new countertop you will definitely have to make a lot of cuts like sprayer hoses or faucets. These require small and round holes; no better tool can do this except the jigsaw blade. Almost every countertop need these holes unless it comes with the holes. Not every jigsaw blade can make such holes, there are special blades designed to make such a tiny hole for countertops. The perfect blades for cutting countertops are the downstroke jigsaw blades, these blades are meant to cut deep surfaces like that of countertops.


Jigsaws can be used to cut any wood type; this could be plywood or thick wood, in the construction sites it can be used to cut timbers. The jigsaw can be used when you want to add decorative patterns to furniture, for cutting stencils and scrollwork. But with such cuttings, you have to be careful with the tool because it can damage the wood material you’re working on.

Metal Cutting

The jigsaw can be used to cut metals. There are times when you have to cut curves within a metal so that it can fit into the wall. You can use the jigsaw in piping work, but it’s advised not to cut straight lines, the tool isn’t good at this and might damage the material.

Ceramic Tiles

The jigsaw tool is widely used for cutting ceramic materials like ceramic tiles. When you want to make certain shapes like semicircle or making a curve on a pipe, the tool can really work well when it comes to handling such tasks. Before cutting any material you should make sure that you have the right set of blades that can deal with hard and tough materials.


Most people won’t believe it but it’s true, you can use the jigsaw to cut carpet. The tool performs better than scissors or utility knife. There is a special blade designed to cut soft materials like carpets. With this set of blades, you can cut other soft materials such as polystyrene, leather or cardboard.

Why Do You Need A Jigsaw?

Cutting Curves

The jigsaw is one of the most efficient devices you can use to cut curves smoothly. That’s why the jigsaw is a must have tool for any woodworker that’s dealing with curves.

It Goes Beyond Wood

Jigsaws are one of the best options in terms of the woodwork, they can cut different wood materials no matter how hard it is, and you can cut denser and thick wood with ease. The tool doesn’t only stay there, it is also capable of cutting other hard materials such as fiberglass, steel or drywall. This makes the tool more versatile because it can handle a lot of tasks in the workshop.

It Is Capable Of Making Bevel Cuts

You don’t need any expensive or complex cutting tool if you want to make bevel cuts, with a jigsaw you can make any angle cut with ease. You can make bevel cuts that are up 45-degrees.

Cordless Jigsaws Are Available

If you’re the type that wants to go cordless, the jigsaw is a good option for you. You can choose a cordless saw without that dangling cord disturbing you when cutting curves. Some jigsaws come with powerful batteries that enough handle your tasks without the need for a direct power source; cordless jigsaws are very light in weight and also very slim.

Jigsaws Are Friendly To Use

Because of the easy operation of this tool, everyone can use the tool, be it a newbie or professional craftsman, or even children can use the tool. It doesn’t require much strength to operate the device. The jigsaw is one of the power tools that can be given to children without much supervision from your own part.

Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw has been tested along with other 10 jigsaws and this jigsaw turn out to be the No.1 powerful jigsaw when it comes to woodwork. Milwaukee is well known for their excellent innovations when it comes to power tools, they are known for decades for creating high-quality tools for the construction industry. The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw deliver high and accurate cutting without any blade deflection, the self-ejecting clamp makes changing the blades easier. It also comes with LED light to help you follow your cut lines smoothly, the tool also has strong dust blower to give you even more visibility on your cut lines. It’s equipped with a powerful motor, and a vibration absorption mechanism to allow a user operates the device with more comfort. Overall this machine comes with a good and perfect ergonomic design in terms of its handle and other parts.

The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw comes with LED light to give you ultimate power and accuracy in cutting tasks. It’s a well versatile tool that can be used for different purposes. The LED light is for improved visibility for your cut lines, with this tool you can cut any shape with maximum accuracy. The machine comes with a powerful motor of 6.5-amp and it drives the tool at 3000 – strokes per minute. With its orbital cutting feature, you get the job done quickly even if it’s a hard material. The handle has a cushion grip and a counter grip that help minimize vibration when working with the device. It has a keyless shoe that can be adjusted at 45-degrees in both right and left direction. The cord it comes with is about 12 feet long, this makes the device more versatile than other tools.

Features Of Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw

The machine is powered by a strong 6.5-amp motor; this motor seems to be stronger than other jigsaws. The motor runs smoothly and is very responsive to the speed control trigger. It stops the blades within a few seconds after pulling the trigger. It’s capable of running at a constant speed which you set it. All the controls on this Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw are easier to use.

The controls placement look somewhat traditional but you can use everything conveniently. The controls have oversized knobs and levers that make the job easier. With the positive detents available it’s hard to make adjustment mistakes. The lock-on button is also very easy to configure, it’s protected by a guard ring, its button is also very large, and this means to it’s difficult to press the button by accident.

The blade speed is controlled by 4 position lever; the 0-position will turn off the orbital action. The range of the orbital action is to allow you to set the right combination of blades and the material you’re working on. The blower has 10 detents control and can be turned off completely. The blower is very effective; it ensures that there are no dust particles across your cut lines.

Adjustable Shoe

The shoe comes with detents straight up and down with different positions. It can be set from 0-45 degrees. You can set and lock the angle within the range of 0-45 degrees.

Blade Changing

This is one of the features almost everyone is looking for in a jigsaw. The blade changing system in the Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw is very easy. The saw comes with a slider lever which is located at the front; with it you can change the old blade with new ones with ease. The tool uses the standard T-Shank blades, blades from this category aren’t to find in stores, you can choose any type you want depending on your needs.

Blade Control

In order to avoid unwanted angle cuts, there is a grooved guide roller. This prevents the blade from deflecting you to put too much pressure when working with the device. It’s not easy to find a blade control system that’s 100% effective. The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw has a blade control system that is more effective than other saws.


You’ll experience a lot of comfort when working with the device, the handle is well cushioned and there is a large rubber along the top of the grip. The handle might be large, but you can still hold it comfortably with your hands. Whether you’re making straight line cut or you’re cutting curves you’ll enjoy working with this tool.


The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw cost is justified, if you look at the features it comes with you know that you made a good investment on this powerful tool. The Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw is highly recommended to DIYers or any professional that wants to perform a cutting task with ease.

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