Know Your Odds Playing Any Casino Game

People go to casinos to have fun and to only play the games that they enjoy. You need to have an edge if you want more money. You need to know the best casino games so you can make wise spending decisions.

Before you begin, remember that no casino games offer good odds for players. The saying “The house always wins” is true. Each casino game is designed so that the house has a greater chance of winning. However, some games are more tilted than others.

These are the Three Best Casino Games You Can Play

You have the best chance of winning at a table game if you are unable to remember details when you enter a casino. Although they may seem more intimidating than slot machines, they are usually easier for players.

These are the top three casino games you should play if your goal is to win money.

Blackjack’s Chances of Winning: 49%

Blackjack is a card game that requires skill, but it’s simple. There are good odds of winning. The dealer is the player. You can play with more than one person at a time but each player is trying to beat the other. The “bust” is the hand that gets closest to 21 without going over.

Blackjack winning requires luck and very little skill. Because the dealer is as dependent on luck as the players, the chances of winning blackjack are very even. The advantage for the dealer in most casinos is around one percent.

These Blackjack Tips For Beginners are great for improving your blackjack skills.

The Craps Odds of Win: Close to 50 Percent

Craps is a table-game that uses dice. The “shooter” is the person who rolls the dice. Other players place wagers on the outcome of the roll.

The shooter wins with a seven or eleven on the first roll, also known as “coming out”. The shooter’s second roll, called “coming out,” is the winner. To win, the shooter must hit the point before rolling a seven.

It is easiest to place a bet on whether the shooter wins or loses. Other bets are also possible. You can also bet that the shooter will roll a different number than he does a seven.

Your odds of winning are roughly 50/50 if you place a “pass line” bet to wager whether the shooter will win. Your odds of winning decrease if you place more specific wagers. However, your payouts will increase.

Roulette’s Chances of Winning: Close to 50%

Roulette is a wheel that has 38 numbers. The numbers 1 through 36 are either black or red, while the number 0 (and in American casino, also 00), is in green. As a roulette dealer, the croupier spins the wheel, and the ball falls on one number.

You can place roulette bets in many ways. Bet on whether the ball falls on a black or red piece. This has an odds of about 50/50 (or almost) because there are only two green tiles between 0 and 00.

Bet on certain numbers or ranges of numbers to increase your payout but decrease your odds.

You can find out more about the Worst and Best Roulette Strategies at holdemtour.com.

The three most likely to win are the ones with the highest odds. However, you will still lose less than half of the time. To walk away with more cash than you started with, you will need luck.

Two Casino Games that have the worst odds of winning

These two games are the hardest to win, but they also happen to be some of the most played. These games are easy to learn and require very little skill. This is why a lot people play them, which in turn makes the casinos lots of money.

If you like these games, then there is nothing wrong with them. You went to the casino to have fun. Keep in mind, however, that there are very high chances that you will lose any money that you have invested.

Big Six Wheel/Wheel of Fortune – Odds of Winning 26% – 39%

You can bet the Big Six Wheel on whether it will stop at a segment that is $1, $5 or $10 or $20. If you win, the amount you receive is determined by the segment the wheel stops on.

The best way to win is with a $1 wager. There’s an 11 percent edge for the house but a poor payout. The Joker has a 36x payout, but a 24 Percent edge for the house.

Slots: The Odds of You Winning About 1 in 49,836,032

Playing slots involves putting money in a machine, pulling a lever or pressing a button to spin the wheel. You win or lose depending on the outcome of the wheel’s landing.

There are many chances of winning at slot machines. The odds are printed on every machine. Before you choose a machine to play, make sure to review them.

The odds of winning increase the more you spend on playing. A smaller jackpot prize may offer better odds, but you might have better chances of winning a smaller payout.

This Strategy to Win at Slots has more tips.

The Wildcard — Hardly Calculable Odds

One casino game has extremely variable odds because skill plays just as big a role in winning as luck.

Poker: The Odds Are Dramatically Different

Poker is a game that gives you more control over your chances of winning or losing. Although luck plays a part, you have the ability to win or lose depending on how you play your cards.

Playing poker in a casino is quite different from playing at home with friends. You may face other players who are either complete beginners or vicious sharks.

Before you begin playing poker in a casino, you need to be proficient. Next, find a table that suits your skill level and budget.

UpswingPoker.com recommends that you play at night when there are more recreational players and the drinks have been flowing for some time.


These tips will help to make informed casino bets. However, the house always has the edge. Your chances of losing more often are higher if you wager more frequently.

There is a big difference between winning and losing. It’s possible to enjoy a casino without having to pay money. You’ll also spend money at an amusement park.

Be sure to have a set budget and to stick to it.

Be aware of the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction, and how to seek help, if needed.

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