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Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw Review

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Whether you’re a newbie looking for an effective cutting machine or you’re a professional looking for an excellent lightweight corded cutting device, the Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw is equipped with all the features you’re looking for in any compound miter saw.

You can fold the miter saw and the bevel at about 45 degrees. This compound miter saw will help you finish your remodeling projects a lot easier than other tools, the Hitachi miter saw is ideal for cutting baseboard and picture frames.

Hitachi C10FCG weights only about 24.2 pounds, and because it’s a lightweight device it’s easier to carry the device along. It is a handy tool that can handle most of your projects at home or in the workshop.

The tool is perfect for a newbie when it comes to reliability, productivity and achieving accurate cuttings.

Hitachi C10FCG compound saw is the best tool for dealing with small cutting jobs whose cutting width isn’t more than 5-21/32 inches or projects that do not exceed the height of 3-1/2. The tool can cut a maximum of 90 degrees.

When you increase the miter to 45 degrees, the height is reduced to 4 inches, and if the bevel is increased to 45 degrees the height then comes down to 1-5/8 inches.

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw


In both right and left directions, you can miter the device to about 52 degrees. You bevel the tool to the left for up to about 45 degrees, the tool, however, doesn’t bevel to the right. In this case, you should flip the material to the other side. The tool has a lot of user-friendly features such as dust collection bag and large controls. It comes with a horizontal handle that will fit your hands even if you’re using hand gloves.

Even though the trigger is designed for right-handed people, the trigger on the device is considerably large so that even left-handed people can use the device comfortably.

Hitachi C10FCG compound saw has a dust collection bag to help you minimize flying dust in your surroundings, even though the device can’t collect all the dust, but it helps you maintain a clean work. When working with the device the vise grip attached with the tool will free your hand by holding the stock still. If you really work with power tools more especially on an occasional basis like cutting pieces of wood, Hitachi C10FCG compound saw will definitely be a good option when considering its price and the value it offers.

Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw is a good and reliable tool that can be used by woodworkers, framers, and carpenters who’re looking for versatility and reliability on their cutting projects. It comes with 15 amp motor and has a speed of 5000 revolutions per minute; this speed allows the user to crosscut with ease even on hard materials. Hitachi C10FCG model is also lighter than the previous model (C10FCE2) making it easier to transport, so far this is the lightest tool within its class.

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw


Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw Features

  • It weighs only 24.2 lbs, this makes it easier to maneuver and move within your workspace or even carry it to the construction site.
  • The 15 amp motor gives the tool high power so that it can deal with tough projects.
  • It has miter rage angle of 0-52 degrees to the left and right, this gives you more flexibility.
  • On the left it has a bevel range of 0-45 degrees; this helps you achieve accurate and clean bevel cuts.
  • It has a vice clamping system that will help secure your workpiece.
  • With its horizontal handle, you can hold the tool tightly and comfortably.
  • It has a dust collection bag to minimize flying dust within your surrounding and for clear visibility.

Advantages Of Using Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw

Good Miter Cut

The word miter alternatively means angle, this means that miter saws are good for making angle cuts and miter saws have different angle range. Hitachi C10FCG can cut between 0-52 degrees; this means that this device cannot exceed 52 degrees. This model will guide any handyman to make angles cuts that involve wood materials without much effort. You can use the tool to make different angles on wood materials and you can achieve that in both right and left directions. With its flexible feature, you can use it in different projects you’re working on.

The Bevel Rage

The bevel also allows a user to cut different angles on any workpiece. The bevel range for the Hitachi C10FCG is 0-45 degrees. You can bend the bevel saw and turn the table around while the workpiece remains on the table.

It’s Light Weight

Hitachi C10FCG is not a heavy tool; it offers more comfort during operation and allows moving it with ease from one location to another. You can tilt the bevel using the handle so that you can obtain accurate angles. The tool can be used on heavy workpieces and still get smooth cuts.


15 AMP Motor

In any power tool, the motor plays an important role in helping the device to move fast, a strong motor will help to cut different materials with ease. The capacity of the motor that is installed in Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw gives the tool the power to cut almost any type of wood material. You have to maintain the motor so as to prevent it from burning. You should not use the normal cord you’re using at home to connect the device; you should get 12/3 or 10/3 that has a long gauge, this is the ideal cord to use for the device.


Hitachi C10FCG comes with 24 teeth blade; these flexible blades will help you attain smooth cuttings. It’s a hard and strong blade that doesn’t break easily. There is also a dust collection bag beside it that will absorb most of the dust that comes out; another use of the dust collection bag is to allow you see through cut line so that you can obtain accurate results.

Why You Should Go For Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw

It’s friendly

As a carpenter, the Hitachi C10FCG model has all the features you’re looking for. You can do all your work in the workshop without any problem; you’ll get accurate results without any error using this device. Because the tool is friendly to use, it is one of the best tools within its category, it’s very handy and friendly to use by anyone.

Very Comfortable To Use

The design of the Hitachi C10FCG model makes it easy to handle and operate the device, the nature of the handle allows anyone to make accurate bevel cutting. It’s really easy to make angular cuts and the motor is so strong that it can be used on heavy pieces.

Excellent Features

If you look at the good features that come with the device you know that you can depend on this device for most of your wood projects. It makes clear cuts and it’s a durable device.


When it comes to choosing power tools, nobody wants to compromise on quality and accuracy. Hitachi C10FCG doesn’t come with laser light or XPS light, but the device delivers accurate cuts on your workpiece. This is due to its reliable adjustments and steady power.



With all its features the tool only cost around $150; you can see how affordable the tool is when compared to other devices that averagely cost $500. This is certainly the best affordable tool within its category which anyone can afford without spending a lot out of the pocket.

The Pros

  • It’s a very light tool when compared to other bulky miter saws.
  • It’s a portable device.
  • It delivers accurate cuttings.
  • The miter range is from 0 to 52.
  • Bevel angle is from 0-45.
  • It’s really cheap when compared with other miter saws.
  • You can change the blades easily.

The cons

  • The dust bag attached to it doesn’t really collect much dust


Hitachi C10FCG can be used in any project that involves hardboard, plywood, soft fiberboard, decorative panels or aluminum sashes. This is a well handy tool for framers, carpenters who’re looking for a reliable tool with unbeatable features. Hitachi C10FCG model is the best within its class range. It’s a portable device that you can carry along to anywhere you want.

From this Hitachi C10FCG compound saw review you can see all the benefits the tool has to offer. Based on consumer ratings, this Hitachi model is among the best power tools currently available in the market. Within its category, the tool doesn’t lack any of the features you’re looking for in a portable compound meter saw. It has fascinating features and you can change the blades easily.

After looking at this Hitachi C10FCG review you know that this power tool is a must-have for any carpenter or any woodworker that’s looking for comfort, reliability, and durability, without any doubts you’ll get impeccable precisions.

The tool is ideal for working in any construction site or individuals that have a lot of DIY projects at home. Because of the quality of this product, it has earned a lot of positive feedback from its users and they’re recommending the tool because of its good features.

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