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Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw Review

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For many years Hitachi has been providing high-end products to its customers, and because of the quality of their tools they have succeeded a lot in the power tools industry and one of their newest product is the Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw. This tool is packed with powerful features that are enough to grab your attention.

The Hitachi C15FB is the only miter saw in the market with 15 inches blades. The tool is designed to deal with any of your heavy-duty projects and can handle any difficult tasks whether at home at or a construction site.

Whatever material you’re dealing with, just go ahead of grab this piece of a tool because you’ll thank the manufacturer of this tool due to its valuable features and time-saving capabilities. The tool helps a lot and has outstanding features than most miter saws you will find in the market.

The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw is the only available 15-inches miter saw. The device is designed to cut through plywood, wood materials, soft fiberboard, decorative veneer, hardboard and other aluminum products like sash and siding. It comes with a 15-amp motor which is powerful enough to deal with most tough jobs at any working site.

The electric brake it comes with can stop the high speeding blades within only a few seconds to help you prevent unwanted cuts. There are also 11 positive stops on the miter to help you read the measurements easily and quickly.

The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw is the leader when it comes to miter saws, after setting up your angle cut, you can set the bevel adjustment knob to cut the exact angle without the interference of saw weight, this will give a more precise and accurate cut. The laser guide it comes with shows you exactly where to cut on your working material and you can use this feature either in the right or left direction. It has an excellent depth cut and with its superior motor, you can handle any material with ease. The stops of this device make it the perfect tool for anyone that’s looking for a good miter saw.

When it comes to smart and powerful design, The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw is the definitely the best option within the category of compact miter saws. It is equipped with a center beam for maximum durability; it comes with a guard that’s designed to give you an extra advantage. The device is very safe to use, there is less risk of accidents when working with this tool. We know that sometimes accidents can’t be avoided but with this tool, you can minimize a lot of injuries. The extension guard it has will allow you to safely use the tool in different projects without getting hurt. The powerful motor will allow anyone to increase their potential with the device and also finish the task within a very short time. The design of the tool ensures you get maximum accuracy when working for either commercial or home projects.

Features Of Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw

  • 15-amp motor, this is powerful enough to deal with any cutting jobs.
  • Electric brakes; this makes the saw responsive by stopping the blades immediately when you press the stop button, it also helps you avoid making unnecessary cuts.
  • 11 positive stops; these 11 stops will make it easier to read your measurements and set up things quickly.
  • Center beam support; this ensures the tool lives longer and you’ll achieve more accurate cuts.
  • Extension guide; this helps you get longer stock without any warping.
  • It has a depth cut of 4-3/4-inches X 7-9/32 inches, this feature allow you to cut moldings vertically.
  • Dust collection; the dust collection system is to allow you to collect all dust generated when working with the tool, you will be able to work in a clean environment without flying dust.
  • Carbon brush; this allows you to replace your brush when the need arises and also ensures the long life of the device.
  • Debris guard; this sends away debris from the working area.

Advantages Of Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw


The power of this miter saws can take care of cutting jobs in most situations. All this is due to its powerful 15 amp motor, it gives it the ability to cut through high depths of up to 9-inches. There are also other advanced features that come from this brand. The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw can deal with tough jobs that can’t be handled by other miter saws, the electric brakes is an added bonus to the user because it’s designed to stop immediately after pushing the stop trigger. The electric brakes help stop a lot of accidents and unwanted cuts that happened with other miter saws.


The overall design of the tool is what makes the device very strong and powerful, the beam support is designed to offer users more durability and control, the extension guide provides more safety and stability. The dust bag it comes with help minimize flying dust within your working space.

It’s A Heavy Hitter

If you’re like most people searching for miter saws with large cutting capacity, you will hardly find a better tool within this category that has more cutting capacity than the Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw. It can cut materials that are up to 4.75–inches thick and width of 7.5-inches. The 15 amp motor gives the device a no-load speed of 3400 revolutions per minute. The motor is powerful enough to drive the blades fast so that they can cut thick materials quickly. Another good thing about the tool is that it can cut moldings vertically straight. You hardly find this feature in other saws. You don’t necessarily have to lift the material you’re working on to get accurate angles.

Sturdy And Safety

Generally, miter saws are dangerous to deal with if care is not taken. You want to make sure that the miter saw you choose guarantee safety during operation so that you can concentrate on getting high accuracy on your workpiece. The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw comes with a sturdy frame to offer you more stability; the device also can hold your working material securely to the fence. If your material is too wide, the extension wings can support the material to ensure that you work safely.

Can Last Longer

The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw weighs about 55 pounds and it’s a very durable device that can last for years. The debris deflection guard is a powerful feature that allows you to work for long hours without getting disturbed by debris, this feature work along with the dust collection bag to collect materials that are airborne.

Good Precision Cuts

The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw isn’t only strong and durable; it is also designed to make accurate and precise cuts. The 11 positive miter stops installed in the device makes it easier to read so that you can quickly set up your angle cuts.

Finish Your Jobs With Ease

This 15-inch miter saw absorbs about 115 V, it is strong enough to cut through hard materials with a single pass. The powerful motor spins the blade at a speed of 3400 RPM. Most miter saws with such speed are dangerous but this one has good electric brakes that can stop the device in seconds whenever you need to do so.

Why You Should Buy Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw


It’s a versatile machine to work with because it can cut through a lot of materials with ease and with a single pass. All this is because of its miter scale range, to the left I has a range of 0-46 degrees and to the right is has a range of 0-57 degrees.

Easy To Use

The Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw is easier to operate and it’s not a bulky tool, you can cut baseboards, molding or crown with this tool in an easy manner.

Precise Angle Cuts

If you’re looking for precise angle cuts without rough angle cuts, the Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw is definitely one of the best options to look out for; a quality precision cut is achievable with the help of its micro miter knob.

Miter Stops

The 11 miter stops available adds additional quality to your stops because they’re easier to adjust your angles and the cutting blade when working on different projects like crown moldings.

Good Bevel Range

Most of the time you have to do opposite cuts before finishing your work. As with most miter saws you face a problem when placing the material in the other direction. But with the bevel of Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw which is from 0-45, you won’t face any problem with your bevel cuts.


  • A 15-inch blade that allows the user to cut long and wide materials.
  • You can cut different hard materials quickly and effortlessly.
  • The miter stops give more accurate angles.
  • It has accurate miters.
  • Powerful motor to crosscut any material with ease.
  • You can carry the device to different job sites.
  • It has a built-in dust collection system.


  • It’s a little expensive than other compact miter saws.
  • Some people consider the device as a heavy tool. It weighs 55 pounds but still can be carried by some people.

All the features that come along with this tool have been appreciated by most people. It only comes with few drawbacks which aren’t an issue to most people. This tool is definitely a high performer when it comes to angle cuts, the Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw can deal with tasks that most miter saw couldn’t handle. The amazing features of the tool give you a guarantee that it will definitely pay for the money you invested in the tool.

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