Tips for Picking The Ideal Concrete Cutting Tool


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For you to get the right tool for the job when it comes to concrete cutting tools, you need first to understand the machine you intend to work with.

Every concrete cutting machine comes with its limits and abilities.

Understanding this will allow you to make an informed determination on the best concrete cutting tool to get the job done.

The two most prominent concrete cutting tools include cut-off machines and diamond saw chains.

Although they share some common characteristics, they are not alternatives to each other. Let’s take a look in a bit more detail below

1) Cut-off machines

These serve as the industry standard when it comes to concrete cutting tools.

They are the tool of choice for such jobs. They are handheld and come with the capability to saw through elements including metal, concrete, and asphalt.

They employ the use of a composite abrasive wheel or in other cases diamond blades in their application.

They come in sizes ranging up to 14 inches and are powered by a two-stroke engine that runs on gas and an electric motor.

With regards to the preference of power, the application of the concrete cutting tool is most important.

The cut-off machine is described as lightweight, produce the least noise and are by far more straightforward and practical to use than any other concrete cutting tools in the market.

However, on the flip side, they are not as potent and can take prolonged periods to complete a given task.

Under this category of concrete cutting tools, the most preferred are the cutting-saw concrete cutting machines that are gas-powered.

They more often than not allow for convenience in terms of portability and ease of usage.

However, you should note that these machines call for high and regular maintenance.

There is also the question of the cutting-saw machine’s weight compared to its potential performance.

Many of the operators in construction jobs have been known to appreciate a machine that is lighter as it makes it easier and convenient to work with.

This shouldn’t, however, bar you regarding the choice you make for a concrete cutting tool as it all depends on what exactly you need or want.

If you are looking for a lighter chain saw that would work just fine for whatever application you need, the cutting-saw chain is an excellent choice for a concrete cutting tool.

If your also looking for a concrete cutting tool that is easy and practical to operate, the cutting-saw machine is the best to help you get the job one.

2) Diamond chain saws

The designs of these concrete cutting machines are somewhat closer in similarity to the woodcutting chainsaw.

They come equipped with a powerhead, a guide bar, and a chain.

The chain of a diamond chainsaw is powered by a sprocket coming from the powerhead that is just behind the saw’s guide bar.

A unique feature of the diamond chain saw is that it includes diamond elements in some of its segments.

These are welded using a laser to the saw’s chain in the point where the cutting teeth of the saw lie.

It is for this reason that they are compared to the woodcutting chain saws.

The diamonds help in creating the grinding action necessary and instrumental in cutting through concrete.

If you are looking to cut through concrete for an opening deeper than five inches, then the diamond chain saw is the best tool for you.

The power to weight ratio of the diamond chainsaw is higher compared to other concrete cutting tool.

If you are planning on applying the diamond saw chain to steel reinforced and hard concrete, you are more likely to get better performance from this concrete cutting tool.

Depending on your preference, the cutting-saw machine, and the diamond chainsaw can offer good service to you for getting that construction job done.

Consider your preferences in terms of weight to power, practicality, ease of usage and the application of the concrete cutting tool, and you will be able to decide between the two fairly easily.

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