Paring Knives That You Can Buy This Year

A paring knife is the best tool for delicate kitchen tasks like hulling strawberries, peeling fruits, and portioning citrus. We searched for the best model, one that is small enough to be used for delicate tasks and yet still comfortable for long-term use.

A paring knife can be found for as low as $10. However, a knife this expensive will eventually dull and won’t sharpen well. We like to have a few paring knives that aren’t too expensive so we don’t have any to worry about. Plus, we keep one more expensive knife that can be sharpened over the years. To find the best low-cost paring knives, and one that is high-quality, we tested 13 models. Continue reading to find out our top picks for paring knives and more information about our testing process.

The most versatile paring knife: Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knife

The plastic handle of this inexpensive paring knife is easy to grip and contours to your hand. A mini bolster at the top of the handle acts as a finger guard and allows you to comfortably choke on the knife while performing intricate cutting tasks. The Japanese carbon steel blade is razor-sharp straight out of the box. It can peel apples and slice through hard cheeses easily. Amazon reviewers and Epi staffers who regularly use this knife note that it keeps its sharpness for a long period of time. Plus, unlike other knives, they can be thrown in the dishwasher. It’s an affordable, low-maintenance knife that will get lots of use in your kitchen.

Kuhn Rikon 4-Inch Colori Paring Knife

The best knife for delicate tasks:

Wusthof Gourmet Paring Knife

Kuhn Rikon’s larger, more powerful blade is ideal for peeling fruit and turning a lot. It covers a greater surface area and is easier for these tasks. We recommend the narrower, lighter Wusthof knife if you do a lot small, precise cuts like scoring fish or hulling strawberries. The knife’s sharp tip and small size make it feel like an extension of your hand. It has a better finish quality than the Kuhn Rikon, but it is still affordable enough to be replaced if it gets dull. The Wusthof knife is the right choice if you are looking for a knife capable of handling delicate tasks, but also looks great when plopped on cheese boards.

Wusthof Gourmet Paring Knife

The best high-finish knife: Mac Paring Knife

This Mac paring knives – BlackTailNYC would be our choice if we had to choose a more expensive one. The same brand that made the winning chef’s knife. Although it is heavier than our two favorite knives, it feels very sturdy and light. The finish quality is far superior to any other we tried. It glides through strawberry, cheese, and apple peels effortlessly have an extra-sharp blade, and is very easy to sharpen. It’s a more expensive knife, but it will sharpen well so it can be the paring knife that lasts for many years.

How we tested the paring knives

To test the feel and comfort of each of the 13 paring knives, we held them in our hands. We then used the knives to cut through hard cheese, hull strawberries, and peel apples to test their ability to handle delicate cutting.

Factors we evaluated

Is it sharp out of the box? Is it sharp and pointed?

Paring knives need very sharp blades to perform precise tasks such as separating vegetable skins from the flesh or making small cuts. A sharp point tip is required for deveining shrimp and hulling strawberries, which are two tasks that require precision.

How heavy is your knife?

The best paring knives are light in weight. It doesn’t require much weight because you can make small, precise cuts while carving light and smooth. The best maneuverability is achieved by combining a sharp blade with a light handle. We measured the handle’s weight against the blade weight by pinching the base of each blade using two fingers. This allowed us to determine how much was coming from the handle. Chris Morocco, Test Kitchen Director, stated that any excess weight in the handle makes it feel like it’s about to fall off your hand. It should be lightweight enough to allow you to peel all day without feeling it.

Is it comfortable to hold the handle?

Comfort and ease of grip are important factors when paring knives. These two things will improve the knife’s accuracy and maneuverability when peeling small, knobby food like ginger. Comfortable choke-up should be possible when you are carving or coring fruit.

What a sturdy knife!

The best paring knife doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it’s important to avoid buying one that is too fragile or with a blade that can easily slip from the handle. We wanted the best finish we could find at a reasonable price.

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