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WEN 3921 Scroll Saw Review

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For decades the WEN 3921 have built a good and strong reputation with its customers by producing an exceptional quality product in the power tools industry.

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is an affordable device build with tough quality, the device is also very easy to operate. This is one of the best tools every workshop owner should add to his toolbox.

This is because the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw comes with powerful features that can help any handyman finish the task with ease.

Before you agree with that let us look at the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw review and see what it can offer to its potential customers and why you should definitely buy the tool.

Within its category, the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is one of the cheapest products you can find in the market. The tool is well designed and is well equipped with all the features you’re looking for in any scroll saw. Just because it’s a cheap product doesn’t mean it has fewer features than other scroll saws, and the tool can be used in various applications.

When you consider the price and the value it offers you know that this is a must-have tool for anyone, whether for commercial or personal use.

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The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a very lightweight device and is built with durable materials so that you can work with the tool for longer hours without getting tired. And also if you’re a contractor that moves from one job site to another every day this might be the best option for you. The tool comes with unique features that make it stand among the best tools within its category.

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw comes with variable speed control that allows the user to make artful and intricate cuts on most materials. The tool helps users bring their design and creativity to life with less effort. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw can be used to cut any wood material irrespective of its thickness or wideness. The device can be used with both pin-less and pinned blades. This means it’s a versatile saw that can be used for different purposes. Let’s take a look at the features of this saw and see what it comes with.

Features Of WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

It’s A Flexible Machine

Users can use both pinned and pin-less blades and this can be done with much ease. All you have to do is take the pin from the holder and then turn your blade at 90-degrees. For the pin-less blade, the holder firmly holds the blades to prevent them from getting loose. The speed range is from 400-1600 strokes per minute, this speed isn’t much when compared with other devices but you can achieve a lot of things using this device. The speed is adjustable using the knob that’s at the front of the tool.

LED Illumination

Like most cutting tools, the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw also comes with an LED light attached to it and is movable so that you can adjust it to cast light on the area you want to work. The LED light gives more visibility to ensure that you follow your cut lines smoothly without errors; this is a good feature when it comes to cutting curves.

Set Up

It is really easy to set up the device; some people, however, find the tuning system a little complex because of the insert plate which is not completely flushed with the table. The knob is also below the table, you may have to use 3 hands to set it up, but can be done with only 2 hands when you’re used to it.


The package comes with a toolbox situated on the left side, and it’s attached to the metal sheet, this is for dust extraction.


The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw comes with powerful blades, they are easy to change more especially if you’re using the pinned blades. Replacing the pin-less blades requires more effort. But once you get used to it, it won’t take much of your time. It’s just that you’ll find it inconvenient most of the time.

Table And Insert

The table is large enough to deal with most of the projects you’re dealing with, more especially for beginners. But the insert has 4-nubs on the side, you should use 0 clearance insert whenever possible. A newbie might find it hard to do this. You can, however, find a lot of tutorials that will guide you on how to set up the zero insert.

Dust Blower

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw comes with it a dust blower to help blow away dust particles. The dust blower might not be effective alone until you add an aquarium pump to it which can be attached to base mounting support. If you can set it right it can clear a lot of dust particles out of the way.

Easy To Use

Most people love this inexpensive product. The tool isn’t only cheap, it’s also easy to handle and manage, the setup process of the device is also very easy, it is also very easy to figure out cutting patterns.

Why You Should Buy The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

Large Cutting Capacity

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw has a stroke length of 9/16”. This shows that the saw can cut a longer length of up to 1.4 cm. This is enough to cut through long plywood. It is also capable of cutting materials that are up to 2-inches thick. It can cut a lot of commercial wooden materials with ease such as thick wood sheets, plastic sheets or plywood. The throat is 16-inches long; it’s enough to allow DIYers to take care of their cutting needs. 16-18” throat is ideal for personal or home projects, but can as well be used for commercial purposes.

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw has a small motor of 1.2-amp, of course, you might think nothing great about this capacity, but it’s still powerful enough to cut dense and thicker materials with ease just like other devices with a stronger motor can. With the right blades, you can use the tool to cut metals, but you might struggle with the tool when cutting metal. If you want to cut metal sheet you need to get a good metal-carbide-tipped blade. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a very compact and portable device that can be carried to any construction or job site with little effort.


Since it’s a lightweight device you can take full control of the device during operation. The device also isn’t moving very fast, you will get smooth and accurate cutting since it’s moving with steady strokes per minute.

Very Durable

The overall design of this machine is quite good and a lot of people are amazed by it. The tool is made from metal alloy and a combination of ABS plastic. This makes the device very durable and would not be damaged easily, the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw can last for many years without getting damaged. The tool also has a strong metal base that’s made from thick cast-iron, the switches, and the knob is made with plastic, but its quality performance is not affected by this. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a flexible and durable saw that stays for long.

Very Stable

Despite its small size the tool offers more stability to users because of its thick iron table, it provides more stability when scrolling. The device is a very stable tool but users can experience more vibration when working with this model. If you, however, tight the device well on the workbench, everything will go smoothly without vibration problems, this ensures you have a low risk of getting fatigue.

Friendly To Use

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is easier to operate; it’s so simple that even a beginner can operate this device without facing any technical issues. The blade changing system is very easy to deal with and can be used with both pin-less and pinned blades. The dust blower also is capable of blowing some air that will remove scattered particles along your cutting lines.

It’s Very Cheap

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is one of the cheapest scroll saws you will find in the market. If you are a newbie and want to get a hold of an effective tool without spending much this tool is definitely the best option when it comes to buying scroll saws. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw also comes with 2 years warranty from the manufacturers. If you only want to deal with some projects at home there is no need to invest much on scroll saws. This simple tool is powerful enough to do most of the cutting tasks.


The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is ideal for anyone who is on budget and has lots of projects coming in their way. Instead of spending your money buying expensive tools you can go with this tool since it can perform the same work as others can do. The tool might not be good enough to compete with other expensive scroll saws that have advanced features but at least it can be a handy tool for DIYers who are not fond of using power tools.

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