Smartphone Projector: Watch TV Shows & Movies on Your Wall

It wasn’t that long ago you needed ten different electronics or devices for your home. Now you don’t even need a TV, cable, or a Bluray player, as you can buy a DIY cinema in a box.

This smart phone projector is an inexpensive contraption that enables you to watch your favorite TV programs, movies, and videos in big screen format on the wall, all without spending thousands of dollars on electronics. You can also use it to look at photographs or images. It comes in a smart black and white box. The instructions are on the inside of the box to aid in assembly.

Your DIY cinema even comes with an assortment of lenses, so you can choose how large you want your projection to be. It utilizes a glass lens that projects onto a smooth white surface, such as a blank wall, or even a projector screen that usually has a smooth white flat surface.

Now you can have a private cinema viewing for your friends and family. Just imagine how you can save money by not having to buy all those other electronics!

You’ll have to do a bit of assembly to get your projector set up, hence the DIY in the title. But it helps to save you money in shipping and assembly. This cool gadget was designed by Luckies of London. Besides the one glass lens, it is mostly made of cardboard.

Assembly can take about one hour, which should be fun for most people who are into origami or other paper crafts. Once it’s assembled, it stays that way.

The Smartphone projector works for both iOS, Android, and Windows compatible smart phones. It may work on other mobile phones that are no larger than a maximum size of eight centimeters by 14.5 cm; or 3.2 inches by 5.7”.

This projector will increase the original image on the smartphone screen by up to eight times, which can be considerably more than most televisions. Once you turn off the lights, you’ll be able to see your shows on the wall.

Luckies of London has experienced great success with this product. They have now launched a second version, the Deluxe 2.0 one. This version features a more sophisticated projector that looks likes a real one. It comes in a brown and white cardboard container. The brown color is textured to resemble wood, the material used to make the first projectors.

The Deluxe 2.0 has been inspired by range finder cameras, Cuban cigar lounges and leather hip flasks. It has leather printed details, silver foil accents, and a matte laminate finish to keep it looking great for longer.

The additional benefit of purchasing the Deluxe 2.0 is that it requires no assembly, it already comes assembled. It’s ready to use right out of the shipping box.

With both versions of these compact projectors, you’ll be able to project photographs and videos onto a blank tent wall during events, watch shows with the kids in bed, enjoy your cat videos, or impress hipster friends with cool stuff at your party.

Luckies of London also covers other aspects of the inexpensive and portable home theater experience with their retro-looking smartphone speaker. This speaker is made of plastic, metal, foil, and laminate and amplifies the sound, which makes a great addition to your projector. They also have the Undercover laptop sleeve and a full line of gadgets and gifts.

It will be exciting if Luckies of London can produce a cardboard smart phone that really works, but no matter what, they have some of the funnest gadgets for sale today.

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