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Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw Review

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Tile saws are designed to cut any manmade or natural tiles no matter how hard they are, this includes hard ceramic, porcelain, and stones. Tiles are very delicate and a good cutting tool is needed when dealing with them so as to avoid damage, there is no other tool that can cut tiles any better than a tile saw. Tile saws are very simple to operate and very safe to use, they’re also effective and efficient because they don’t damage the material. In this Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw review we’ll discuss more about tile saws and how to choose the right one, and then we’ll review the Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw and some of its features and why you should be using it in your projects.

Lackmond Beast Wet Tile Saw - 10" Portable Jobsite Cutting Tool with 15 AMP Motor & Up to 1-7/8" Depth of cut at 45° - BEAST10 - - Amazon.com

How To Choose A Tile Saw

Tiles are hard and brittle, in order to cut them safely without damage you need a tile saw with diamond blades, most tiles saws come with a diamond carbide blade and a lot of heat is generated when working with them. That’s why the wet tile saw is preferred because it has water reserve or any water source that is used to spray water continuously to cool the blades and material you’re working on so as to minimize dust.

If you’re dealing with smaller projects and you’re not looking for some advanced features you can use the handheld saw because it’s cheaper. And if you’re consistently working on bigger projects or on construction site, the table saw is the right option. The table saws offer more stability and have more advanced features you’ll ever need in any tile saw. They have a wide surface area that allows users to spread their materials easily and are able to cut multiple tiles.

Any tile saw you choose has its own unique features, the features you get in any tile saw is directly proportional to cost. It’s not advisable to go for cheaper tile saws because they’re limited with certain features. If you want to get the best results you should choose a tile saw at a fair price.


Types Of Tile Saws

Basically, tile saws are classified into two groups; there are table models and handheld types. You need to understand your project needs before choosing any tile saw. The materials you’ll be working on will also determine what type of tile saw you’ll need. Don’t rush, take your time and compare features from different brands.

The Handheld Saws

If you’re looking for portability and ease of mobility, the handheld saws should be your first option. The handheld saws are compact in nature and they come as both cordless and corded device. Moving them from one job site to another isn’t a problem; they can be used in any outdoor projects whether at home or at the construction site. The handheld saws are capable of making round cuts, provided you know how to use them very well. Tile saws require some practice before you get used to them and get accurate cuts. The handheld saws cannot be used to cut thick tiles, but you can, however, cut wider materials.

Table Tile Saws

If you’re looking for advanced features and excellent precision, table tile saws are the way to go. Table saws provide more stability; they’re more versatile and can be used to cut multiple pieces at a time. When using table saws you don’t need to manipulate the blades in order make a cut, you can push the tile or material along the guide.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying Any Tile Saw

Whether you’re a professional or a homeowner that wants to do some renovation or remodeling projects, choosing the right brand can be challenging because most of them use the same marketing pitch and all are pretending to offer the best tool. The price range depends on what you’re looking for, fewer features means lesser cost and advanced features means higher prices. But all in all, there are some things you need to check when buying any band saw.

Check the brand; checking the brand isn’t only for the sake popularity, this is due to the easiness of getting replacement part when they need, a well-known brand also offers more product support when repairs arise.

Size; if you know that you’ll be dealing with large projects you shouldn’t choose a small tile saw. If you can afford it the bigger ones are highly recommended because they can deal with any task.

Type; if you’re a homeowner that uses a tile saw occasionally you can choose intermittent duty saw, but as a casual user that uses it for commercial use, you need the continuous duty saws that are capable of running all day long without any fuss.

Motor; you need a tile saw that comes with the powerful motor because you’ll be dealing with tough materials, you should also look for belt driven ones instead of the ones that are driven directly.

Blades; choose powerful blades and sometimes you need to buy different types of blades because some tougher materials will require changing the blades. You should choose blade types based on the materials you’ll be working on.

Accessories; look for a tile saw that comes with enough accessories so that you won’t end up buying extras. You should look for things like cutting guides, saw stand, and extra blades if available.

Warranty and customer support; choose brands that offer at least 3-year warranty and also make sure that their customer support is very active, this is important if you need help when setting up the device or if you need repairs, you want a manufacturer that respond fast to a customer inquiry.

Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw Review

Tiles are made from ceramic; they’re very thick and brittle, an ordinary saw cannot cut tiles, even the most powerful saws can’t do it, they’ll end up destroying the tile. A special saw is needed that’s strong and also doesn’t damage the tile. A sharp blade isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to cutting tiles, you need a wet tile saw that cut tiles or any other ceramic material in such a way that you’re left with a smooth and fine workpieces.


Features Of Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw


The Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw specializes in cutting any tile or ceramic materials with ease. This is a powerful device specifically designed for the purpose. The tool has large cutting capacities and also comes with a portable frame. It was built with materials with the toughest quality like stainless steel. The Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw is an incredible saw designed for professionals.

The Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw can cut larger tiles that measure up 24 x 24-inches and can make a rip cut of 34-inches, you can even make up to 39-inches with a plunge. Using the plunge makes it easier to make v-cap cuts, wall socket cutting, and others. The Lackmond beast comes with removable table extension so that you place larger tiles on it.

Cutting Capacity

The largest cutting capacity within its range is 1/32 over a 24-inches cut. The Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw has the ability to make a diagonal cut of up to 24 x 24 inches. This device comes with optional gravity folding and water splash tray by its side.


Another powerful feature of the device is that it comes with a powerful motor that is capable of cutting any material you can think of with real ease, the 15-amp drive motor will allow users to make accurate bevel cuts at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees. The Lackmond Beast BEAST10 Tile Saw comes with a strong and durable frame so that it can deal with the toughest jobs on site. The tube still offers additional strength and support without adding any extra weight. It has a plastic water tray that slides to the front, this makes draining easier and also avoid messy spills.

Water System

The water system that comes with this device is better than other tiling saws because you have absolute control over the snake pipe that sprays water on the blades. The whole water system is mounted externally so that you can easily clean or replace the water hose when it is clogged.


The Pros

  • This Lackmond Beast BEAST10Tile Saw has the largest diagonal cutting capacity within its category.
  • It comes with a 15-amp motor; this motor is powerful enough to cut through hard and thick materials without any problem.
  • This heavy-duty device is designed to provide accurate and smooth cuts without damaging the material you’re working on.
  • The motor can be tilted to give accurate bevel cuts of 22 and 45 degrees
  • The table it comes with is capable of handling wide materials on its surface.
  • The frame is made from strong and steel pipe.
  • The snake-pipe water nozzle provides full water control so that you can cool the blades and the tiles smoothly.
  • The availability of water tray makes it easier to clean and drain the device.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty rip fence.
  • The blade guard can be opened easily and it secures the finger knob.
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