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MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw Review

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We all know how delicate tiling materials are, without a good tool by your side you can’t actually cut them without shattering the tiles. That’s why it’s important to get a proper tool that is designed for the job. In this MK Diamond, MK-101 Tile Saw review we’ll talk about some of the factors you need to consider before buying any tile saw and also reveal some of the important features of the MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw and why it’s the best option for anyone that’s looking for a simple and affordable tool that will take care of tile cutting needs.

MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw Review

The MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw is one of the best tools from MK Diamond; they’re one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to tile cutting saws. This amazing tool is designed to cut and polish all kinds of tiling materials and other stone products, the MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw is a heavy-duty saw driven by a 2 Horsepower Motor. The blade it comes with is 10-inches and has a cutting depth of about 3” or 96 mm.

The powerful motor it has is strong enough to cut through porcelain or granite and any other tiling materials you could think of, and this can be done in a very short period of time. It’s a very durable saw that is built to last for long working hours without breakdown; it also has a cooling fan that can cool down the motor so that it can work at high speed, the blade shaft bearings are lubricated all the time and require very little maintenance.

The MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw comes with a micro V drive belt that will give the user a lasting and dependable grip service. The blades are easier to adjust or remove, the materials used to build this tool are resistant to corrosion because they’re coated with zinc. MK Diamond has really set the standards for the power tools industry. Inside your package, you’ll receive the MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw, diamond blades, cutting kit, water pump, and side extension.

Features Of MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw

  • It comes with a powerful motor that has 2 horsepower; it’s designed to deal with even the toughest jobs you can think of like cutting of hard stones and granites.
  • The blades are 10” and have a cutting depth of 3-inches which is equivalent to about 96 millimeters.
  • It’s equipped with a high torque fan that will cool down the motor.
  • The blade shaft is permanently lubricated.
  • The cutting head can be placed in different a position which allows the user to make plunge cuts with ease.
  • It has a V drive belt that provides a lasting grip.
  • The blade shaft is locked to make changing blades easier.
  • The chrome-plated and linear bearing help your users achieve precise cuts.
  • The motor and the blade guard are coated with zinc to avoid rusting.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

The MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw is designed to meet the consumer’s needs, users have tested the machine on different materials, and the tool provided amazing results without any clinch. The device is capable of making precise and accurate angle cuts without shattering the material you’re working on, it’s perfect for making both internal and external angle cuts.

The device doesn’t make too much noise when compared with other devices and can last long without any change in performance. The MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw is really a good option for anyone that’s looking for superior performance.

MK Diamond has excellent customer service that’s unbeatable, you’ll get all the support you’ll ever need to set up your device right away. Choosing the right tile saw isn’t easy but with this powerful MK Diamond MK-101 Tile Saw you’re assured that your investment will not go in vain.

Choosing The Right Tile Saw

If you really want to achieve great results with your tile cutting jobs you have to get the right saw. Tiles are brittle materials and every cutting power tool out there can claim to cut ceramic materials with ease, the problem arises when it comes to getting a fine and smooth finish with ceramic materials.

A good tile saw specialize in cutting hard materials such as porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, and other flooring materials, before choosing any tile saw you need to understand your job size, nature of the material you’re cutting, and your budget. Let’s take a look at each of these factors and see how they can affect the choice you make.

Tiling Saw Size

When it comes to size selection there are two things to consider, the saw must be large enough to handle bigger projects or when you’re dealing with multiple tiles. This also ensures that you finish a lot of job in a very short period of time, and the second part is that the tiling saw must be able to cut in just a single pass, for small saws you have to make multiple passes before cutting the tile and this can lead to inaccuracies.

The cutting depth is often referred to as the rip size, the phrase is used to describe straight and flat cut, the rip size of any saw is the cutting capability of that saw.

Handheld Vs Motorized

When it comes to power tools in general, the bigger and heavier the machine is, the more it’s going to cost you, the more it is also going to be more effective. The handheld saws are built to deal with small projects and are less expensive, they’re more portable and they can be carried from one place to another comfortably, they’re the smallest and lightest of all the types of saws.

The handheld saws are capable of cutting no more than 30”, sometimes it can pass beyond that depth. These types of saws are easier to maintain because they don’t have motors. They do have some drawbacks; they’re very slow when compared to motor-driven tile saws and cannot be used for executing large and complex projects.

The handheld saws are ideal for anyone who has some minor remodeling jobs at home and doesn’t want to invest much in buying larger saws.

Tile saws that come with a motor are very fast and offer more accuracy than the handheld saws and they’re of various types, some are more expensive and have more powerful features than others.

They’re more effective because they come with a diamond blade that’s capable of cutting any brittle material with ease and at the same time leave you with a fine workpiece.

They can be mounted on a strong stand that offers comfort to users. They come with a water reservoir that helps cool down the blades and the tile. The smaller ones come with 4” – 7” blades and the larger ones come with 7” or 10” blades.

Type Of Material You’re Cutting

The next factor you need to consider when buying a tile saw is the type of material you want to be cut. The harder the material the more will need a tougher tile saw that will deal with it. Ceramic, for instance, is softer than granite and that’s why you might need a different tile for cutting different types of materials.

If you want to cut a 12” tile and you’re looking to cover a not large area like 100 square feet, a manual cutting saw can do the job. But when working in a large area you need a very heavy duty tile saw, the heavy-duty saw is ideal for cutting porcelain and granite, and you need a strong blade that’s at least 7”.


If you’re not using the cutting saw for commercial use you don’t want to invest a lot of money because you’re an occasional user. If a manual cutter can take care of your cutting needs you should consider working with it, it costs somewhere between $30-$50, it is definitely worth it because you’ll be paying that amount every hour if you were to hire a contractor.

The bench saws that come with 4 – 7-inch diamond blades cost around $50-$200, all these saws we’ve mentioned are ideal for DIYers who work on remodeling projects at home. But for commercial purposes, you will need a larger saw that is faster and more durable than the smaller ones.

The heavy-duty tile saws are equipped with a water pump and can make large cutting depth for multiple tiles.

The larger saws are ideal for experienced and professional contractors, and because of the advanced features they have, they cost higher than smaller saws. These saws averagely cost around $200-$500, the saws are heavy and can weigh about 150 pounds or even more than that.

It’s difficult to carry such tools with your hand; you need a vehicle whenever you need to take it to your job site.

Price isn’t the only thing you’ll consider, you need to figure out what you need and then find a good tiling saw that will help you achieve your desired results. Once you find the saw that’s ideal for your task you can then compare prices so that you can get the best deal.

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