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MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw Review

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You can hardly find a better cutting saw that can cut tiles and ceramics materials than a tiling saw, it is the only tool capable of making clean cuts and edges smoothly without scattering your tiles, with the right tile saw you get a smooth finish that will please you. Other cutting saws that specialize in cutting wooden materials and metals will not work properly on ceramic materials. You need a special tiling saw that’s designed to deal with any ceramic material with ease like the MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw. This saw can break tiles without causing any damage; it’ll also save you a lot of time and money.

When it comes to tile saws, the MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw is one of the best brands that are available in the market, the device is easier to set up and operate. The package you’ll buy comes with a cutting guide and other useful accessories that help you make different tiling designs. The company also has good customer support if you need some assistance to set up your device appropriately.

How To Use MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw

You should start by placing the saw in a comfortable position, the saw comes with a large table which you can mount the saw. You then plugged the GFCI into your power source, add water to the reservoir box using the pump and then plug it into the motor outlet.

Now you pick up the tile and make marking on areas you want to cut, you must use a strong marker that can’t be erased with water, because water will be sprayed continuously on the blades and on the material, if the marker is erased you will lose your cutting line. If you’re using multiple tiles you have to make sure they’re all lined up and then you’ll follow the cutting guide for the tile at the top, you have to make sure that all the tiles are in position.

Make sure that the blades are in their full working position and then warm up the device so that it can move at a uniform speed. Don’t push the tiles towards the blades; allow the blades to work on the tiles at their own pace. This helps you avoid more damages to your tiles and the device itself.

When you’re done with your work, you then turn off the device and unplug the chord so that you can avoid accidental switch-on, or by children. Before taking the device to storage you should clear the remaining water in the reservoir and clean all parts, you can now take them to storage when they’re fully dried up.

MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw Review

When it comes to using power tools one needs to understand that there are tools designed for industrial use, and some are designed for smaller jobs more especially at home. Whether you’re dealing with smaller jobs at home or at the construction site, the MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw will definitely be helpful. This machine is designed to cut tiles without any destruction.

MK Diamond is well known for its top-quality products and they have a lot of products from different categories. Whichever tool you’re looking for, you want it to be portable and easy to use. And most important of all you want it to make accurate cuts. The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw comes at a fair price; you can’t say this device is too expensive or cheap because it averagely cost $220 to $250. This is a medium-priced machine when compared with other brands.

The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw is a compact and portable tool that weighs about 17.8 pounds. It’s a good versatile tool that’s easy to use and can be taken to different job locations. It has a diamond blade so that you can handle tough material without any hassle, and a water pump to cool the blades and the tiles you’re working on. The 7-inch blades it comes with can make cuts that are up to 2” deep and 12” long.

The motor is powerful and is a high torque one, it comes with 1/3 horsepower, it can make 5500 revolutions per minute. This speed is good enough to cut tiles made from any ceramic material, you can use it to cut counters. The entire platform is good for making precision. Even though there are have some complaints from users that the table needs some improvements, but still you can use the table to your advantage.

The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw is an excellent tool that will help you finish the job fast, the machine, however, have overspray issues, sometimes you just have to use the device outdoors, and this is a perfect tool for weekend warriors. It is good and affordable to DIYers because they can use it to complete different projects with ease at home. The uses of this MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw are vast; it all comes down to how you want to use the tool.

It is a lightweight tool, portable and very affordable to anyone who is looking for simplicity in tile saws. The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw comes with 4-1/2 inches diamond blade. The machines can make straight cuts and miter cuts at 22-degrees and 45-degrees. It has a large cutting surface to handle large tiles that are up to 12-inches wide and 1-inch thick. The machine isn’t only good at cutting tiles; it can also cut other hard and brittle materials such as marble, ceramic, or stones.

Features Of MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw

It’s A Compact Device

Most products from MK are compact in nature; you shouldn’t expect to get less from this MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw. It’s a compact tool and yet a powerful device. If you want a device to use on scaffolding, this is a perfect choice.

Screw Holes

The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw has screw holes that you can use to attach the saw to the base. There are four screws that you can attach to the base.

Good Performance

The tool works really well and a lot of people don’t have a problem with its performance. Working with the tool was OK, but there are other rooms for improvements. The plastic measuring bar is somewhat difficult to operate; if you’re not used to it you can spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Once you set things up you can start using the device immediately.

It’s Durable

All the components of the device are made with metal and tough plastic; this means the device can last longer than most other tiling saws; you can also work with it for long hours without a breakdown. The deck is from pure metal, no plastic was included. It also has a strong motor that drives the machine at high speed, but it is somehow lousy, it isn’t really harmful. The noise is still less when compared to other titling saws. Take the 4-inch harbor freight saw for example if makes a louder noise than this MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw. The water tray is made from hard plastic and that’s a durable one also.

The Downsides Of MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw

  • The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw is good but has some areas that need improvements. Based on customer reviews a guide isn’t included in the package, this makes it difficult to make angle cuts, but if you have a guide from other tools then you won’t have a problem with the guide. You can also make a guide from fabricated aluminum or you can buy it separately in the shop.
  • The rip fence it comes with is very cheesy and the dimpled table is difficult to straighten.
  • The table it comes with can sometimes be annoying to work with it because it seems difficult to move tiles smoothly during operation.
  • You can’t make a 45-degree jig, and most cutting jobs require making such accurate angle cuts.
  • It can take some time before getting used to the blades; from the beginning, you may end destroying your materials. You should take time and set things properly so that you can achieve greater results when working with the device.

The MK Diamond MK-170 Tile Saw is a great tool for “do it yourself “projects. Any DIYer who doesn’t want to spend much on power tools should pick this tool. This MK model is a good option for anyone who is not after those complex features that come with the heavy-duty devices. This MK model can be used to tackle most ceramic cuttings either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It’s easier to operate the device, you just need to install the blades it comes with and connects the water pipe. Depending on the material you would like to cut, you may need to buy stronger blades, the blades it comes with are good but after working for some time they’ll start chipping the edges of the tiles you’re working on. Despite some of its drawbacks, the tool is still recommendable. It all comes down to how good you are when it comes to handling the device. You just need to be patient and understand how the device works, after some practice you’ll the hang of it.

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