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MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw Review

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Whether you’re a flooring specialist or a remodeler, a good masonry saw shouldn’t be out of your toolbox. These tools are very useful when it comes to making precise cuts and the credit all goes to their powerful motor. They offer a lot of versatility and can be used in most cutting projects that involve granite, stone, porcelain, concrete, and tiles.

If you have ever engaged in titling projects you know that extra care needs to be taken when making accurate cuts. When it comes to accuracy it’s not easy with tiles, even after taking care of the material there is no guarantee you can make things right. You must possess the right tools that can deal with the situation.

There are a lot of cutting tools in the market that can be used to cut tiles but none of them performs better than a tile saw. Tile saws come in 2 parts; the wet saw and the dry saw. One main distinction between the two is that the wet saws have a water source that cools them and less dust is generated when working with the device. So far the wet tile saw is more effective and durable.

The wet tile saw can give the user high precision cuts even on brittle materials and thick tiles where the dry tile saw fails to perform well. The water source for wet saws is to cool the blades’ grinding action; it helps to prevent the tile from breaking off or cracking due to heat released as a result of friction. A wet tile doesn’t chip off pieces of tiles. Before picking up any wet tiling saw you have to consider some things so that you can avoid buying the wrong tool.

Make sure it’s a durable one; you want a tiling saw that could last for long hours without any breakdown. Make sure the components of the device are made with metals or strong plastic that doesn’t break down easily.

It should be mobile; you might be a contractor that’s moving from one job to another, therefore you want a device that’s easy to carry along without any hassles.

Ac rating; you should choose a device that has good power utility and can fit into the most commonly used sockets at home; you shouldn’t use a tool that draws too much power so that you don’t end up destroying the power source you’re using.

Good bevel cuts; choose a good saw that is capable of making a wide range of bevel cuts to make sure the bevel adjustments are easy to use.

It should be powerful; a good tiling saw should have enough power to deal with any tiling materials you’re working on without shattering the material. This means you need to choose a saw with a good motor. The 10-inch tiling saw will be good.

MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw Review

MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

When it comes to cutting tiles the MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is definitely one of its kind. This wet saw costs a little more than other tiling saws, but that’s because it has powerful features that aren’t found in other tiling saws, and most of the time it comes with free shipping. The powerful features of this model are astounding. Assembling the device isn’t difficult. The tool also isn’t very heavy as in the case of other heavy-duty saws, contractors can move the device easily because it weighs around 49 pounds. The tool doesn’t require huge maintenance due to the fact that the pinion and gearbox don’t require any maintenance.

The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw can deliver up to 6000 revolutions per minute; this speed is enough to cut through any hard tile you might be dealing with. This powerful machine is good for both beginner and professional use. Because of its powerful speed, care needs to be taken when operating the device, the device also comes with a safety switch that adds extra protection to your body in case you SWITCH-ON the device unknowingly.

Another fascinating feature of the device is its diamond blade; the blades are very hard and can work consistently on hard materials like ceramic, porcelain, and paves. It is capable of cutting up to 13 inches diagonally and 18 inches lengthwise.

The blade is 7 inches in diameter and 0.05 inches thick. The blades are easier to change, it’s not a complex process, within just a few minutes you can replace the blades with new ones. All you need is a key and you’re ready to go.

Any tile saw without good precision doesn’t work well on tiles. You need a good tiling saw that can deliver excellent precision cuts no matter what, and the MK DiamondMK-370EXP Tile Saw delivers exceptional accuracy when it comes to making precision. The guide bar has a chrome-plated surface; it’s straight, rigid, and sturdy to give you better precise results even when you’re dealing with the hardest material like stone.

The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is a very portable device and is easier to handle. The device is strong enough to boost its features because it is stronger than most tilings saw that even cost more. If you really want to cut tiles quickly this MK Diamond model is a good option for you.

By getting the MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw you know that you have professional quality by your side. The cutting head can be adjusted to about 45-degrees, this will help anyone achieve more precise plunge and miter cuts.

The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is capable of cutting tiles that are up to 18 inches, it also comes with a steel frame that is plated with zinc. The device has gearbox assembly and self-lubricating pinion which are maintenance-free. The hinged blade guard allows users to change the blades easily without much effort.

If you’re looking for the best quality when it comes to tiling saws you should definitely try the MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw. With its great features and price, it’s one of the best deals you can find in the market.

The tool can work well in any of your tiling projects whether in the kitchen or in the bathrooms. It can be used by craftsmen, contractors,s or remodeling crews. The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw costs $400-$500, it’s definitely a good deal if you consider the value it offers.

Features Of MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw

  • It comes with a powerful torque motor that has a speed of up to 6000 revolutions per minute; this speed has an excellent cutting performance. You can use the device to cut hard stones.
  • It comes with a safety switch that prevents unwanted switches on. This feature is very useful because the blades are running fast and are dangerous if you accidentally ON the device it can cause a serious accident, but with the safety feature, all things are good.
  • The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw almost doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • The device can be tilted to make precision cuts at 45-degrees, which means it’s a well versatile device.
  • You make plunge cuts at different depths due to its variable cutting head.
  • The blades are easier to change; this is due to its hinged blade guard
  • It comes with a built-in water pump that’s very receptive.

It’s Powerful

It comes with a 1-1/4 horsepower motor and a blade capacity of 7-inch. The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw provides excellent performance when it comes to cutting tiles and other ceramic materials. It can rip materials that are up to 18” in length and 13” diagonally. It has a cutting depth of up 2”.

Adjustable Height And Cutting Head

The overall design of MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw will allow users to finish jobs very fast and still obtain smooth and clean results; due to the presence of variable height you can make plunge cuts easily. The cutting head can be tilted at 45-degrees so that you can make miter cuts without facing any problem

It’s Strong And Dependable

The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is built to offer more safety and durability. It comes with a thermoplastic water reservoir and a water pump with a capacity of 95 gallons per hour; it can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance.

The Pros

  • The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is strong and durable because it’s made from steel, aluminum, and zinc.
  • The device is resistant to rusting.
  • Very portable to move around.
  • The cutting head can be tilted to make different plunge cuts
  • When compared to other bulky tiling saws this model is really affordable.
  • The MK DiamondMK-370EXP Tile Saw has a submersible pump.


  • The MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw has no stand.
  • It comes with only one year guarantee. The minimum guarantee you’ll find in other devices is 3-5 years.
  • Some users complain that it can’t deal with big and complex projects.


This powerful tool can be recommended to anyone who is dealing with tiling projects, but before you jump into it you should understand your working requirements and make sure that it has all the features you’re looking for in a tiling saw. If you’re not looking for advanced features, the MK Diamond MK-370EXP Tile Saw is definitely the right choice for you.

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