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QEP 61024 Tile Saw Review

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With lots of products in the market you can get confused when choosing the right tile saw but in this QEP 61024 Tile Saw review, we’re going to save you a lot of time and show the powerful features of the QEP 61024 Tile Saw and how it can help anyone in their tiling projects. Before that, we’ll go through some of the important things you need to look in any tiling saw before buying one.

What’s A Tile Saw?

Tile saws are designed to cut tiles and other hard stones neatly without causing any damage to the material. Other power tools can cut ceramic but they don’t provide as much accuracy as tiling saws can. That’s why it’s good for anyone who is working with tiles to get a tile cutting saw that will meet their cutting needs.

Tile saws are normally used to cut porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and glass tiles, they can also be used in other areas as well but they only specialize in cutting these types of materials. Tiles saws specialize in cutting hard materials because they come with diamond blades, the blades aren’t sharp like other cutting devices; they’re capable of grinding through the tile so that it can pass easily without damaging the material.

Simple Options For Small Task

If you only want to deal with a small job at home or you’re dealing with few tile cuttings, there is no need to buy expensive saws; you can execute small jobs with tile nippers or any manual cutter. Tile nippers are used to bit the ceramic material you want to cut and are capable of making small chunks from the tile, you make different shapes with tile nippers such as curved shapes, L-shape, and U-shape cuts.

Using these types of devices appropriately can take some time, you do need a little practice because you’re doing the cuts manually and care must be taken if you want to get accurate cuts. So you can see that when dealing with small projects, even cheap products can do the work without the need of using heavy duty and bulky saws, you’ll also not experience the noise that comes with such bulky devices.

Types Of Tile Saws

If you want to get more precise cuts and you have a lot of projects to do you definitely need to buy yourself an effective saw. There are different types to choose from, basically, there are three types of stile saws; wet tile saw, tile grinders, and handheld saws. They can all be used to cut tiles but each of them has their own advantages over the other.

The most widely used one is the wet tile saw because it’s more effective and it delivers more accuracy and convenience than any other type of saw, they’re also more expensive than other saw types. Let’s look at wet tile saws which are the most popular ones and see what they’re capable of doing so that you know how to choose the right one.

Wet Tile Saws

A wet tile saw is the best tool for cutting tiles with ease, they’re like table saws but in the case of wet tile saws, they’re mounted on a water reservoir. They provide more accurate and precise cuts and are the best option for anyone that’s dealing with larger projects at any construction or job site. If you’re dealing with tiling multiple rooms or large quantity of tiles and want the perfect cut, you should definitely consider choosing a good wet tile saw.

Most of the times wet tile saws come with a fence that will help you line up your tiles, they are easier to operate because even a newbie can use a wet tile saw and still get accurate results. You just need to line up the tiles and then set the device into action and your work will be done in no time. You cannot only make straight line cuts but can also make angle or bevel cuts easily without any problem.

The water reservoir that comes with wet tile saws play a vital role, it helps cool down the blades so that there is less heat during operation and will minimize destruction of material when using the device. It makes the cutting of materials easier because the water acts as a lubricant between the blades and the tiles, this avoid cracking or any unwanted shattering that may arise, and lastly it prevents flying dust which could affect your job.

Buying And Renting A Tile Saw

If you still want to use a wet tile saw and you can’t afford it you can still go for rent, even if you’re working on larger projects and you need a bulky saw you rent the tool, you can rent a good tile saw for $50. You should consider renting if you’re only tiling one single room or if you need the saw for only one-time job. If you also want to buy the saw, the smaller and portable ones cost around $100, these types of tiling saws are designed to deal with small projects, they’re ideal for contractors that move from one job site to another.

Grinders are also very cheap but limited to their capacity. Grinders can help you remove tiles and also cut or grind other tiling materials like ceramic. They’re a good option if you need to make a few cuts, rather than spending a lot buying expensive saws you can use grinders for small jobs at home or wherever necessary.

Benefits Of Using Wet Tile Saws

Wet tile saws don’t come with sharp teeth like other cutting tools; they come with diamond blades that make it easier to cut brittle materials. Other tools can be used to cut brittle materials but most of the time the material is destroyed, but with wet tile saws that are equipped with diamond blades, the task is going to be more accurate and can even be used by a newbie to achieve accurate results.

Wet tile saws are safer to use when it comes to tile cutting, you won’t have material scattering around your working area. Wet tile saws are preferable if you want to make special cuts and angles. They come with a sliding table so that you can hold your working pieces tightly without displacing them.

The water reservoir plays a vital role by providing more efficiency to the tool. With all its benefits, the wet tile saw cost more than other tiling saws because it’s equipped with advanced features that will help you get the best results.

QEP 61024 Professional Ceramic Tile Saw 24 Inch - Pro Source Center

QEP 61024 Tile Saw Review

We’ve already talked about the benefits of using a tile saw when it comes to cutting tiles, you cannot, however, jump in and buy any tile saw that comes into your way, there is the need to take some time and make proper research before investing your money. Everyone claims to have the best tool but one shouldn’t fall to sales pitches without actually considering some factors and project requirements.

The best thing to do is to seek for professional advice from professionals who have tested various tools and let them know the type of job you have at hand; they can now suggest the right tool that will fit in with your project requirements. In this QEP 61024 Tile Saw review we’ll talk about the features of this tool and how it’s going to help you accomplish your projects.

QEP 61024 Tile Saw is a small and yet a powerful tool that can be used to cut different types of tiling materials with ease. It comes with ¾ horsepower motor that gives the machine the power to cut brittle materials such as stones, ceramic and porcelain. This QEP saw is very strong and doesn’t require a pump or hoses; it’s also equipped with a 7-inch diamond blade.

The company is well known for providing high-quality power tools since 1979; they provide great tools when it comes to flooring and other installations. The QEP 61024 Tile Saw is highly graded saw that can handle tough jobs in the construction site. It comes with adequate accessories that will help you achieve amazing results and has a good stand equipped with locking wheels, large water pump, 10-inch diamond blade, extension table, rip guide, miter block and a wrench that will help users to make rip cuts of up to 24-inches.

Features Of QEP 61024 Tile Saw

  • Can make rip cuts of up to 24-inches and diagonal cuts of 18-inches.
  • A wide table that gives users more stability and accurate cuts.
  • The head can be tilted to make miter cuts easily; you can make miter cuts from 45-90 degrees.
  • It is equipped with thermal overload protection that will prevent the tool from overheating.
  • It comes with a comfortable stand that allows you to lock the rear wheels and move the device easily.
  • The water tray is resistant to corrosion and can slide in and out.
  • The rip guide helps you make cuts faster and easier.
  • The water tray can hold a large amount of water.


  • It comes with a powerful motor of 9.5 amps.
  • It delivers 3450-RPM.
  • You can make cutting depths of up to 2-3/8 inches and a diagonal cut of 18-inches.
  • The saw and the table stand weight about 105 lbs, this means it offers more stability.


  • The tool cost a little higher than other portable saws within its category.
  • It is considered bulky by some users, which means moving the tool around can be troublesome.


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